Call of Duty Mobile: The Best Scorestreaks

Call of Duty Mobile is a great way for people to experience a fast-paced shooter on a mobile platform. The developers removed controller support from COD Mobile to even the online playing field, but the game still has relatively intuitive touch controls and features many of the great fan-favorite maps from multiple Call of Duty games.

Killstreaks and Scorestreaks are a key part of the Call of Duty experience, and as such they are retained in Call of Duty Mobile. This mechanic is intended to reward players for high-skill gameplay by giving them a tactical advantage for getting uninterrupted strings of kills and points. However, not all of the rewards are created equal.

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Hunter Killer Drone

The Hunter Killer Drone is the first truly powerful Scorestreak reward. It requires a streak of 500, just above the Molotov Cocktail at 300 and the UAV at 400. It is available from the very start for any player, helps build up even higher Scorestreaks, and has respectable accuracy.


The airdrop is also an excellent method for getting even higher Scorestreaks. With a score requirement 550, it has the potential to provide some very strong benefits. What makes it so useful is the fact that it has a chance to drop Scorestreaks that are only unlocked at higher levels. This is a random chance, but with some good luck even a low-level player can gain access to extremely powerful abilities.

Predator Missile

The Predator Missile is a class that is unlocked immediately at a Scorestreak of 700 points, and provides a chance to rack up a lot of kills. Players are able to avoid the Predator Missile’s attacks, but because of the slightly more difficult nature of mobile shooters, many players will be bested by this weapon.

Sentry Gun

The Sentry Gun has a Scorestreak requirement of 800 and can only be used after the player reaches level 38, but it is extremely strong. It allows an automatic turret to watch a flank, and has a strong automatic aim for a game with touchscreen shooting controls.


The VTOL has the highest Scorestreak requirement in the game at 1600, far beyond the SAM Turret at 850 and the Stealth Chopper at 1000. The player can unleash heavy firepower on enemy players from the elevated safety of the VTOL.

Tactical Nuke

The tactical nuke will be familiar to anyone who has played classic Call of Duty games. It is unlocked after 25 kills, unlike the other rewards which unlock at certain score requirements. To make this even more difficult, the 25 kills must be earned without Scorestreak weapons. The Tactical Nuke will completely wipe the entire enemy team. This is not an instant game-over, but is still extremely powerful.

Despite some of the issues in COD Mobile, it remains a fun choice for FPS action on mobile platforms.

Call of Duty Mobile is available now for iOS and Android.

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