Call of Duty Mobile: Battle Royale Class Guide

Call of Duty Mobile gives players a chance to enjoy some unique features in its Battle Royale mode. With zombies and boss fights, COD Mobile competes admirably with other mobile battle royale games out there.

One of the keys to doing well in COD Mobile is knowing the class system. There are six classes to choose at the start of each match, and each one has different skills that can make the difference between victory and defeat. Those who have played Apex Legends may recognize some familiar utilities among the COD Mobile classes.

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The Scout is an extremely strong class and is very good for beginners. It allows the user to track other players, much like Bloodhound in Apex Legends. The Sensor Dart active skill briefly shows enemy locations on the map, and recharges in about a minute. This is very useful when pinpointing enemy hiding spots.

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The passive ability Tracker also helps in this regard, showing enemies' footprints on the ground for a short while after they have passed by. Battle Royale pro-tip: knowing where the enemy is going is a huge advantage.


The Clown should not be underestimated. When used well, its zombie-centered abilities can gather a lot of intel and distract enemies. The ability Toy Bomb summons three zombies that will track down nearby players, plus it places a bomb that explodes after 15 seconds. Following the zombies can often lead to enemies, who will be distracted by the player’s undead allies.

The Clown’s passive ability simply makes them harder for zombies to notice, cutting down on distractions. It's fun and interesting classes like this one that are part of what makes Call of Duty Mobile so fun.


The Medic can be very strong in squads, but is not always the most viable choice because healing items are relatively common. The Medical Station skill heals the player and their teammates in a small radius for ten seconds, with a minute of cooldown.

The Medic’s passive ability simply reduces the time for reviving teammates and self-healing by 25%. In general, the Medic's lack of offensive abilities and lackluster utilities don't make it very competitive. In a large squad though, there is always room for a healer. When in the hands of a high-level Call of Duty Mobile player, this class is just as viable as any other.

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The Ninja can be difficult to use, but is very rewarding. The Grappling Hook ability is similar to Pathfinder’s in Apex Legends. It can be used for quick traversal in combat, or allow the user to reach unusual spots for sniping. It can be upgraded via chip terminal to increase the charges from two to three.

The Ninja's passive skill Dead Silence stops enemies from hearing the user’s footsteps. This will decrease the range in which the user’s footprint icons appear on enemy players’ mini-maps. Just as knowing where the enemy is going is a powerful advantage, hiding one's tracks always provides an edge. An even stronger advantage may be the ability to put up a spray in Call of Duty Mobile in some hard-to-reach places.


The Defender is a good all-around choice, similar to Apex Legends' Gibraltar. The Transform Shield ability places a large shield down for a long period of time, with a recharge of only 30 seconds. The only downside is that it is very visible from a distance. The shield will also be much smaller in a confined space. However, before it is activated, the player can see the size that the shield will be when it is deployed.

The passive ability Reinforced provides a 20% damage reduction from all damage that isn’t gunfire. This ability could be better, but it is useful when dealing with grenades or zombies.


The mechanic is, simply put, extremely strong. The Mechanic’s EMP drone can disable enemy abilities like Transform Shield and Sensor Dart, making it very advantageous. It can be easily shot down, but can also provide intel on an enemy’s location when it flies over to disable their gear.

The passive ability Engineer allows the Mechanic to see vehicles, traps, and equipment through walls up to 80 meters. It can also spot enemy gear, providing even more valuable intel. With the ability to deny enemies their utility and gather a huge amount of information for their team, the Mechanic may well be the strongest class in Call of Duty Mobile.

With so much variety in gameplay, COD Mobile is a strong competitor to Fortnite, or any other mobile battle royale.

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Call of Duty Mobile is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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