‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Guide: Unlock Exploding Burgers Weapon

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Although most hard to believe headlines were actually not true yesterday, there are some bizarre stories that ended up being real. A few games dropped some April Fools’ ridiculousness into patches this week and gamers have been having a good time discovering and exploring them. It may not be directly tied to the psuedo-holiday, but the Exo Zombies DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has an easter egg that is weird enough to sound like a prank.

Youtuber NoahJ456 makes an effort to be the first streamer to discover as many easter eggs as possible and he has delivered once again. His latest video offers a full breakdown of how to solve the hidden puzzles that are buried in the Exo Zombies’ add-on Ascendence DLC. The culmination of the scavenger hunt is the ability to battle zombies with exploding hamburgers. If that’s not worth the work, we’re not sure what is.

If players are up to the challenge, they can watch NoahJ456’s video tutorial or follow along with our step-by-step guide. To get started, players will need to head into the sewers to turn off four valves. Once all the valves have sequentially been deactivated, players will be able to step behind the waterfall and discover the alter.

Call of Duty Burger Town

Like any altar, this one requires an offering. Visit one of the nearby buildings and you’ll find a frying pan hidden on a beam. To get the burgers started, players need to retrieve the frying pan and take it to the altar. At this point, prepare for some trouble. Once the pan is placed on the altar, lots of zombies will start spawning all around the room. The goal here is to take down the zombies close enough to the altar to splatter blood all over the frying pan and the altar itself.

If you’re familiar with the level, then you might have guessed that no cookout could be complete without a trip to Burger Town. Once enough blood has been shed, players can pick the frying pan up and take it across the map to Burger Town. Placing the pan on the stove at the fast food joint will cause chunks of beef to spawn throughout the level. The meat won’t always be in the same spot and a piece will spawn in each section of the map. Take a look at the screenshot to see what you should be keeping an eye out for…

Call of Duty Meat Spawn

The pieces of meat need to be carried back to the frying pan one at a time. Once you have enough to form a patty, it’s time to apply some heat. Zap the patty with the microwave gun until a ‘ding’ signals that the meat is ready. Unless you’re avoiding carbs, the next step is to acquire some bread by killing zombies in Burger Town employee uniforms until one of them drops a bun. Retrieve the bun and take it back to your cooked patty.

If the burger isn’t cleansed, it will turn you into one of the infected shortly after picking it up. Once you are ready, pick the burger up and high tail it to the cleansing area directly below the kitchen. The clean hamburger can then be delivered to Bubby, the Big Boy-esque mascot. After accepting the gift, Bubby will request new batteries, which triggers the next phase.

Return to the spawn point of the Atlas area, where you’ll find a blueprint of Bubby. Players need to hold X next to the blueprint and listen for an activation beep. Once the sound happens, you’ll need to race to the nearby battery drawer and retrieve the battery. The battery is out of juice and needs to be charged up at the voltage station outside. Zombies will try to break the station, so be ready to defend your battery as it charges.

Call of Duty Bubby

Take the charged (now red) battery back to Bubby and trade it to him for a key. With the key in your grip, you can now climb the Burger Town tower and begin the last phase. Players will get an access denied message off the center control console inside the tower and can then leave the tower. At this point, it’s time to return to the sewers and find the severed arm of a Burger Town employee, which is in the stomach of an alligator.

Take the arm to the spawn area and trade it in for a red key card. Take the new key card back to the tower console and use it to launch a missile into the air and unlock the hamburger-shaped bombs. To secure your well-earned achievement, grab the keycard and take it back to Bubby.

Congratulations. You’ve just unlocked 50 points for the Meat is Murder Achievement.

What do you think of the elaborate Meat is Murder easter egg? Will you be taking the time to unlock it? Let us know in the comments.

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC released on the 31st of March, 2015. The DLC is a timed exclusive on Xbox Live and will be released on PC and PlayStation consoles at a later date.

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