A list of projects impacted by the video game voice actor strike seems to indicate that 2017’s Call of Duty game from Sledgehammer is titled Call of Duty: Lethal Combat.

The SAG-AFTRA strike, where video game voice actors are striking against a number of the industry’s biggest companies, has been going on for two weeks now. While the strike may mean delayed development for some games and increased tensions between voice actors and developers, it’s not all bad for gamers. In fact, due to the strike, we’ve possibly learned what Telltale’s Marvel project is, as well as the name of the next Call of Duty game from Sledgehammer Games.

According to a list of projects that are being impacted by the strike recently released by SAG-AFTRA, 2017’s entry in the Call of Duty series is titled Call of Duty: Lethal Combat. The project is also being referred to as Call of Duty: Stronghold, which could indicate that Sledgehammer Games hasn’t nailed down exactly what it wants to call it yet. Considering the naming schemes of past Call of Duty games, though, Stronghold comes across as a working title, whereas Call of Duty: Lethal Combat is more likely to be the finalized name.

Even though the list of projects released by SAG-AFTRA doesn’t elaborate on what fans can expect from the supposed Call of Duty: Lethal Combat, past rumors and statements from Sledgehammer Games give fans a better idea of what shape 2017’s entry in the series will take.

call of duty vietnam rumor

For example, recent rumors peg Call of Duty: Lethal Combat‘s setting as being the Vietnam War. When one examines the extreme hate directed at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s sci-fi setting and the general enthusiasm for Battlefield 1‘s World War I battles, it makes sense for Activision to want to focus on a real-world historical conflict again. To lend more credibility to this rumor, Sledgehammer was once working on a third-person horror Call of Duty game set in Vietnam before it was asked to create Advanced Warfare.

It’s also possible that Call of Duty: Lethal Combat will feature a strong female character. Sledgehammer Games has expressed a desire to include strong female characters in Call of Duty games, which have historically been dominated by gruff males. If the new Call of Duty is set during Vietnam, though, that may make things complicated, as women were banned from serving in the United States military in a combat role until 2013.

Whatever form the new Call of Duty takes, it will be interesting to see if the series is able to bounce back from the sales disappointment that has been Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. If recent trends are any indication, Call of Duty: Lethal Combat‘s rumored Vietnam setting could go a long way in returning the franchise to its former sales glory.

Call of Duty: Lethal Combat is rumored to be in development for release in November of 2017.

Source: Warpzoned