'Call of Duty 2014' Audio Clip Teases Kevin Spacey as Villain

Kevin Spacey Call of Duty Villain

Earlier today, Sledgehammer Games offered gamers a look at the second in-game screenshot for this year's iteration of Call of Duty. The image featured a soldier in what looks to be futuristic garb (EXO suit?), rendered in Call of Duty's new graphics engine.

Alongside that initial reveal, however, Sledgehammer Games also promised that new Call of Duty details would hit on Sunday May 4th. As it turns out, however it looks like one of Sledgehammer's bigger news items may have already been spoiled.

Shortly after the Call of Duty image, as well as PMC-focused live-action tie-in, were released, a new audio file made its way online. In the clip, a person who sounds a lot like House of Cards star Kevin Spacey talks about religious principles, toppling a dictator, and starting a democracy. Listen to the clip below:


Another point of note from the audio clip is the seemingly insignificant "fuzz" at the tail end of it. As it turns out, that white noise actually delivers an image when put through a sonic visualizer — an image that just so happens to look like a Call of Duty-esque soldier.

Call of Duty Kevin Spacey Spectrogram Image

While Activision has yet to comment on the clip, Variety reports that Spacey has indeed been cast in the new Call of Duty game. What's more, the trade claims that Spacey's role will be that of the villain.

Given that the audio file features a hidden image it seems pretty clear that Spacey is involved with Call of Duty in some capacity, but whether that's a voice role or as a live-action promoter, a la Kobe Bryant or Robert Downey Jr., is unclear. Many of the more recent Call of Duty games have featured top name actors like Sam Worthington, Gary Oldman, and Ed Harris in major roles, so it is not outside the real of possibility that Spacey would join the fold...even if Frank Underwood is more of a Killzone fan.

What is clear is that more Call of Duty details are on the way soon, only three days away in fact. Activision's history of Call of Duty reveals tells us that we should expect a clip during one of the NBA Playoff games, likely whatever game is on ABC. Shortly thereafter, Game Informer will also begin their month-long coverage for the game, which should include more concrete details. Perhaps the publication will even confirm Spacey's role in the game.

How do you feel about Kevin Spacey voicing a character in Call of Duty? Do you think he should play a hero or the villain?

Call of Duty 2014 releases this fall for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: Variety

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