Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare File Size Revealed


Activision and Infinity Ward reveal the file sizes for the futuristic first-person shooter Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Since Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is set to release later this week, it's a safe bet to make that plenty of the title's fans are wondering how much storage space they will need in order to play what is considered by lots of folks to be the most anticipated game of the year. With this being the case, the futuristic first-person shooter's file sizes have now been revealed for all of its platforms, and gamers can now begin pre-loading the title right now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As originally indicated by by Charlie Intel, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is 44.6 GB on PlayStation 4, while Modern Warfare Remastered is going to be 37.2 GB. On the other console supporting the title, — that is, Xbox One — Infinite Warfare is 52.1 GB and Modern Warfare Remastered is 45.85 GB. Furthermore, it looks like the PC version of the game is going to have the largest file sizes, with Infinite Warfare's Steam page showing the need of 70 GB of hard drive space to install the game, and with Modern Warfare Remastered requiring 55 GB.

Cumulatively, the file sizes for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered on each of the game's platforms will surely be seen as massive. Of course, while the latter title is considered by many as being one of the main reasons to buy the former, as it's not sold separately from the Legacy and Digital Deluxe Editions of Infinite Warfare, some fans might opt to go solely for the base game and not have to worry about so much hard drive space getting eaten up. After all, there are already rumors that it will eventually be released as a standalone.


Naturally, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's fans are going to want to jump into the action as quickly as possible, so it's important to note that the game is prepared to unlock at midnight ET on November 4 in North America, which comes out to be 9:00 PM PT on November 3. Not to mention, those fans who pre-ordered one of the premium versions of Infinite Warfare on PlayStation 4 can start playing Modern Warfare Remastered's story campaign right now. However, the upgraded title's multiplayer gameplay won't become available until this Friday.

For those fans worried about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare not being up to snuff after having taken part in the title's beta periods, Infinity Ward has assured fans that the studio has utilized all of the feedback it received during the trials in order to make the game better overall. In fact, the developer recently posted a complete list of changes and updates being made to Infinite Warfare as a result of both beta test weekends so as to help fans determine whether or not setting aside such large bits of hard drive space will be worth it.

What do you think about the file sizes for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? Are you going to have enough room on your platform to play it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is set to release on November 4, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Charlie Intel, Steam (via GameSpot)

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