Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Guide - Where to Find All Equipment Upgrades


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has nine equipment upgrades hidden throughout the campaign. Here's our guide to finding and collecting all equipment upgrades in the game.

As with many past Call of Duty games, Infinity Ward has injected collectible items into Call of Duty: infinite Warfare in the form of Equipment Upgrades in the game’s campaign. As players make their way through the various levels, they’ll be able to pick up specialized weapons and upgrades, but only if they know where to find them.

Thanks to a new video from YouTuber PowerPyx, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare players can easily find each of the nine unique weapons and upgrades, and obtain the Fully Equipped trophy or achievement. Check out the video below, as well as the directions below for the location of each Equipment Upgrade in Infinite Warfare.


Operation Port Armor: Civilian Terminal

During the objective to secure the lunar terminal and repel the SDF forces, players will head into the Armory and through a metal detector. From there, players simply need to go through the door and locate the terminal to the right. Hacking the terminal will give players the Frag Grenade equipment upgrade. The upgrades will be found by unlocking similar terminals scattered around the game.

Operation Port Armor: Boarding Party

During the objective to escape the carrier, players will watch as their squad mates throw an enemy through a window. Players will then move down the corridor and take down a couple enemies as the hallway juts to the right. Once around the corner, a locked door can be found on the right side that leads to the second upgrade. Players will need to hack the door to get into the room.


Players may face additional enemies while trying to unlock the door, so depending on the difficulty level, players may want to dispatch with those enemies before opening the door. Inside the room is another terminal, which when unlocked will provide players with the upgrade for the Anti-Gravity Grenade.

Operation Port Armor: Boarding Party II

When players are told to open the cargo bay doors, players will rush past the enemy mech and troops to the small control room at the end of the walkway and pull the lever to obtain the Shock Grenade upgrade. PowerPyx points out that players may need to replay the mission if they miss this one the first time.

Operation Taken Dagger

While working to recover the stolen technology, players will find themselves in a simple control room filled with consoles and missiles. At the far end of the room is the Armory where players will find the next upgrade.

As with the other rooms, players will need to initiate a proximity hack to open the door and reveal the goodies within. Once inside, players will find the P-Law on the table, and can hack the console for the Seeker-Bot upgrade and second Frag Grenade upgrade.

Operation D-Con

During the objective to access life support, players will head through a door and see part of the hallway on fire in the distance. Players will need to break off the designated path, and head down a separate corridor to the left to find the next Armory, which can be found at the top of a small flight of stairs.


Hack the door, and inside players will find the Ballista EM3 launcher, and can unlock the terminal for the second Shock Grenade upgrade.

Operation D-Con II

While acquiring a weapon sample, players will be in a room identical to the one from Operation Taken Dagger. Similar to that mission, the locked room can be found at the far end of the control room on the left.

Inside, players will find the weapon sample needed to complete the mission, as well as a terminal ripe for the hacking. Hacking the terminal will reward players with the second Seeker-Bot upgrade.

Operation Deep Execute

While on the hunt to acquire the tech officer’s credentials, players will break momentarily from their objective to seek out the next equipment upgrade. After entering the large warehouse room, head immediately to the right – the door is waiting at a small flight of stairs.


The proximity hack takes a bit longer with this door than the others, but players will be rewarded for their patience with the Eraser pistol and the Retractable Shield upgrade.

Operation Burn Water: Refinery

As players are looking for a suitable landing zone for the assault team, they’ll follow Ethan through a broken fence and off a small landing to the ground below. Rather than following Ethan through the doorway ahead, players will break off to the left to location the next Armory door.

Inside, players will find a terminal that rewards them with another equipment upgrade.

Operation Black Flag: Prisoner Escort

The final equipment upgrade can be found while players work to stop Riah from calling in the SDF fleet. As players walk through a burning city street, they’ll see a broken chunk of a building laying in the middle of the road ahead. On the second floor is the next Armory door.

Inside, players will find the last upgrade, this time for the ATAD, and the final piece needed to unlock the Fully Equipped trophy or achievement.


Those gamers who have played through the Infinite Warfare campaign have likely found some, if not most, of these equipment upgrades along the way. Fortunately, the remaining equipment upgrades aren’t too difficult to find, and are an easy grab as players look to collect all the game’s trophies and achievements. Those who are unsure about purchasing the game should check out Game Rant's Infinite Warfare review to see if it's worth picking up.

Have you found all the equipment upgrades in Infinite Warfare?

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube - PowerPyx

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