Infinite Warfare DLC Pack Adds New Zombies Map Starring Pam Grier

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s second map pack, Continuum, is set to release later this month and will come complete with a new zombie map set in 1970s disco New York. The new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare zombie map, dubbed Shaolin Shuffle, will feature Golden Globe-winning Jackie Brown actress Pam Grier, fighting alongside other bell-bottom-clad kung-fu heroes.

The new zombie experience is touted as a “disco-zombie fright fest” by Activision, and will give players a chance to take on the undead with new kung-fu styles and abilities. Along with the traditional weapons and firearms, players will have access to nun-chucks, swords, throwing stars, and a handful of unique moves that will decimate their zombie foes.

The trailer for Shaolin Shuffle, which can be seen below, gives gamers a glimpse into the kung-fu action awaiting them in the new zombie map. Zombies will walk, run, and even rollerskate after players while they work their way through the arena toward the final zombie boss.

The new Infinite Warfare zombie DLC follows its predecessor in its unique offering for Call of Duty players. The first Infinite Warfare expansion, known as Sabotage, included a zombie DLC that sent players into a frightening forest of Redwoods. And, like Zombies in Spaceland before it, both Rave in Redwoods and Shaolin Shuffle include well-known actors helming the main characters.

As in years past, Activision is planning to release four expansions total for Infinite Warfare. The final two DLCs are expected to launch this summer and early fall before the release of the next iteration of Call of Duty, which looks to take players back to World War 2.

It’ll be interesting to see how well these final Infinite Warfare DLCs do, and how well the upcoming WW2 Call of Duty performs for the franchise. Despite being the best-selling game of 2016, Infinite Warfare sales were down considerably from previous years’ Call of Duty titles.

Gamers will also be paying attention to Activision’s plans for upcoming DLCs. Many gamers have been critical of the company’s focus on microtransactions in Call of Duty titles, and are hoping to see a change in the coming years. That said, Activision and its developer partners seem to be doing well with their current strategy of releasing a new Call of Duty title each year, along with four expansions and additional microtransactions.

For those looking to pick up Continuum and Shaolin Shuffle, the DLC is set to release April 18th for PlayStation 4, then sometime later for Xbox One and PC once the exclusivity period ends.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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