‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Frame Rate Issues Arise After Xbox One DLC Patch

By | 3 years ago 

In most cases, when a developer issues a new patch for their game the intent is to fix a nagging problem, either on the server or the player side. Occasionally, however, the implementation of a patch uncovers a new problem in the game, even causing more harm than doing good.

The latest patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One, for example, was put in place to improve the game’s performance in multiplayer, yet it ended up causing frame rate dips on maps where there currently were none. To make matters even worse, the patch was supposed to improve performance in preparation for tournament play, but instead it made certain maps close to unplayable.

The patch in question arrived last week, alongside the new Onslaught DLC, and featured a bevy of fixes and server-side improvements. Read full patch details here. However, while the patch did improve the game in certain respects, a few maps now see regular dips in frame rate when previously they had run at a consistent 60fps.

The map that most noticeably shows some decrease in performance is Stonehaven, one of the bigger maps in Call of Duty‘s storied history. It’s a map that has its own faults but they mostly rest with the design and Ghosts‘ multiplayer player count, not the frame rate. The most recent patch has changed all that. Now players are reporting significant frame rate issues any time a large portion of the map is on screen, or when zoomed in through a sniper rifle scope. For a better idea of the frame rate dips check out Eurogamer‘s video below:

Ultimately, the frame rate issues are segregated to only a few maps on the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts. PS4 players have reported no such problems with their multiplayer performance, even after the patch. Granted, Sony’s platforms have yet to receive GhostsOnslaught DLC, but that shouldn’t impact performance with on-disc maps.

While talk of Call of Duty: Ghostsresolution, especially on Xbox One, dominated the pre-release conversation, frame rate was barely an issue when it came to Infinity Ward’s latest. In fact, consistent frame rate has been a major selling point for the Call of Duty franchise over the years, even while it trailed in visual fidelity, so it’s strange to now be talking about the frame rate dips as a problem.

Whatever the case, Infinity Ward will need to address this issues quickly if they hope to “sell” Call of Duty: Ghosts as a legitimate tournament experience. We’ll keep you posted if and when the developer discusses another patch.

Have you noticed any change in game performance since the Call of Duty patch? Which maps have you noticed any frame rate dips on?

Source: Eurogamer