‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Full Weapon List Leaked

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It appears that, in Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ case, when it rains it pours, as more leaks have continued to surface from Infinity Ward‘s highly anticipated game. Over the weekend, a whole plethora of details made their way online — including the game’s full multiplayer map list and a start screen for the Extinction mode — and today we have a partial weapon list for the game.

With this iteration being set in the future — not the far-flung future like Black Ops 2, just a “near future” — most of the Call of Duty: Ghosts arsenal will not be familiar to the casual FPS gamer. That being said, the escalating intensity of names will give them clues as to what weapons will be available at higher levels.

The leak in question comes courtesy of Twitter user @Espadah_ whose account has since been suspended. On his account he or she was posting images of each Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer weapon, and since that account is no more those images are unfortunately lost, but clearly Activision is cracking down on anyone who posts them.

What we do have, however, is a list of weapon names and the various classes in which each fit. You can check that out below:

Assault Rifles

  • SC-2010
  • SA0-805
  • AK-12
  • FAD
  • Remington R5
  • MSBS
  • Honey Badger
  • ARX-160

Light Machine Guns

  • Ameli
  • M27-IAR
  • LSAT
  • Chain SAW

Sub-Machine Guns

  • Bizon
  • CBJ-MS
  • Vector CRB
  • Vepr
  • K7
  • MTAR-X


  • Bulldog
  • FP6
  • MTS-255
  • Tac 12

Sniper Rifles

  • USR
  • L1155
  • Lynx
  • VKS

Marksman Rifles

  • IA2
  • MK 14 EBR
  • MR-28
  • SVU Dragunov

Obviously, our eyes are drawn to the ‘Assault Rifles’ class and the ‘Honey Badger’ for no other reason than because there is a weapon called the Honey Badger. Not only that, but given the weapon’s placement we suspect this will be quite the powerful assault rifle. You know, because the Honey Badger don’t take s#$% from no one.

There are also a few familiar weapons among the list, like the Vector CRB, the Dragunov, and the Tac 12. However, we don’t expect these weapons to be completely recognizable iterations, but, more likely, they will be near-future evolutions of them.

Speaking of the Dragunov, that weapon and three others (the IA2, the Mk14 EBR, and the MR-28) are part of Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ new Marksman class. In the past, Marksman weapons have been included as part of either the Sniper Rifle or Assault Rifle group, but now they are getting their own class. These weapons are geared towards players who want the accuracy of a sniper rifle but a little quicker fire rate.

With exactly one week until Call of Duty: Ghosts hits store shelves, Activision has likely shown gamers all they need to see before choosing whether to pick up this year’s iteration. A full list of weapons isn’t going to lure gamers towards the franchise, but it could help give them a clearer picture of their multiplayer experience.

What do you think of the Call of Duty: Ghosts weapon list? Any names that you recognize? Are any of your favorites missing?

Call of Duty: Ghosts releases November 5, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360; November 15th for the PS4; and November 22nd for the Xbox One.

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