Can Call of Duty be as effective in zero-gravity as a modern battlefield? Can Infinity Ward make its last release before the arrival of next-gen systems the most successful to date? Can a German Shepard bring down a helicopter? These questions and more are answered in the newest trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

In the action-packed cinematic trailer setting the stage for the near-future Ghosts, the action goes higher than ever before – literally – with combat-ready astronauts, orbital attack platforms, and a peek at the story beats and cinematic set pieces fans can look forward to.

It seems that the rumors from years ago that an upcoming Call of Duty title would be set in the future and feature ‘space marines’ weren’t so far-fetched after all. Everything that has been shown of Ghosts‘ multiplayer and singleplayer leads us to believe that most of the game’s campaign will be set planetside, but whether the space setting is purely cinematic in delivery, or just a means of kicking off the campaign with a bang, the game will contain astronauts – packing sufficiently more firepower than usual.

Call of Duty Ghosts Story Trailer

For those unaware, the majority of Ghosts‘ story will be set in the near future, after a devastating attack has left America in ruins, losing its status as a global superpower and forced to fend off a host of potential invaders. Thanks to the new trailer, it’s clear what kind of attack befalls the country. Specifically, an orbital weapon named ‘ODIN’ that is turned against its owners by a group of what we can presumably refer to from here on out as space-terrorists.

The only thing keeping America from succumbing completely is a group of elite soldiers from a handful of military branches, calling themselves ‘Ghosts.’ And elite they must be, if the scale of action and destruction glimpsed in the trailer is any indication. While thrilling, speeding trains, collapsing skyscrapers, and shattered aircraft carriers aren’t exactly a brand new direction for the Call of Duty brand, so it seems the developers at Infinity Ward will be turning elsewhere to make the experience a must-play one.

Building the campaign around a pair of brothers (as the trailer shows, following in their father’s footsteps) is a new way to increase player investment when the firefights break out, but certainly not the most promising. Or, at this point, the most infamous.

Call of Duty Ghosts Riley Helicopter

We speak of course of Riley, the brothers’ German Shepard, apparently every bit the elite soldier they are. The canine comrade has gained some notoriety since his first reveal, but it seems he’s still got a few new tricks in store for the game itself. Whether it’s eliminating targets with stealth, mastering the art of the ‘reverse breach,’ or apparently bringing an entire helicopter down, Riley looks to be one of the most intriguing aspects of Ghosts.

The dog’s potency in combat, and the space combat are both clear examples of just what Infinity Ward meant when they said they were valuing “fun over innovation” with Ghosts; although the glimpses of action show a graphical prowess (in cut-scenes, at least) better than some were predicting. However, the over-the-top spectacle isn’t being confined to the rollercoaster pacing of the singleplayer campaign, as Ghosts multiplayer is in for some advancements as well.

The map dubbed Free Fall by the developers is just one case of the team’s new emphasis on ‘dynamic environments,’ set on a collapsing section of a skyscraper. Add a new selection of multiplayer game types – with Blitz being one we’re keen to try out ourselves – and Ghosts stands a good chance of attracting devoted fans and astronaut-envying dog people.

What do you think of the trailer? Is Infinity Ward giving the dose of insanity that’s needed at this point, or is it the multiplayer you’re most interested in? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Call of Duty: Ghosts releases November 5, 2013 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. PS4 and Xbox One release dates have not been announced.

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