‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Extinction Trailer & Multiplayer Infographic

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As the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts creeps ever closer, Infinity Ward is pulling out all the stops, teasing players with just how many different modes and campaigns await. We had assumed the Ghosts launch trailer meant the marketing was reaching its peak, but the publisher has saved some of its best surprises for last.

At the top of that list is the all new Extinction Mode, pitting players not against their Earthbound brethren, but an alien menace. Glowing alien creepers may not be new to shooters, but they are to this series. The latest trailer, ‘First Contact’ promises plenty of action, but with a healthy dose of horror included for good measure.

The Call of Duty series may not usually be credited with innovation – instead maximizing fun and spectacle – so it’s not too surprising to see waves of alien monsters among a crumbled city featured so prominently in the newest footage. But if there’s one promise that Ghosts holds – and the live-action trailer demonstrates in spades – it’s that the most recent installment in the series looks to be a one-stop-shop for every modern shooting fan.

Enemy armies to engage in firefights? Check. Ruined civilization through which to traverse? Check. Zero-gravity spacesuit shootouts? Check. Aliens? Check. At this point, we’re honestly a little surprised that there aren’t any actual ghosts set to appear in the main campaign.

Call of Duty Ghosts First Contact Trailer

To keep that wide variety of content from collapsing under its own weight, Activision has entrusted Ghosts to not only Infinity Ward, but Raven Software, Neversoft, and most likely every studio under the publisher’s banner in one way or another. And while Extinction may have seemed like an oddball addition, there’s reason to think it could be a surprise success.

The development team explained their motivations for bringing aliens to CoD in a prior trailer, and the new trailer implies that the team has crafted at least the foundations of a story to usher players through the combat. But if Left 4 Dead taught us anything, it’s that crafting a survival narrative may have less to do with writing and cinematics than varied mechanics and systems. So with that in mind, we hope the aliens of Extinction are some smart opponents.

Not that there’s any reason to doubt that multiplayer fans will flock to Ghosts regardless, as a new infographic released by Activision shows just how much the Call of Duty series has dominated online play. It features some truly staggering stats, so check it out below:

Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Infographic


While we try to grasp the fact that Call of Duty players worldwide donate enough hours to multiplayer to get humanity from the fall of Rome to 2013 – and do it every day – fans can try to decide which parts of Ghosts will get their attention first. Will it be the campaign? The new destructible multiplayer environments? Or will you be trying your hand at the new multiplayer Squads Mode? Sound off in the comments.


Call of Duty: Ghosts releases November 5, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360. The PS4 version will follow on November 15 and the Xbox One version on November 22.

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