Call of Duty fans looking to get their bi-annual Modern Warfare fix may find themselves somewhat out of luck this year, providing recent information surrounding the latest franchise entry is proven correct. While the “Ghosts” moniker has been hinted at since March, not until now has the report been much more than rumor. However, a product page for Call of Duty: Ghosts has been found on UK retailer Tesco’s online shop, along with box art and a possible release date.

The aforementioned earlier report suggested the new title will be set in the Modern Warfare timeline, but further into the future. The report also claimed the game would only be released on PC and next-gen consoles, but retailers like Tesco seem to have proven otherwise; PS3 box art was shown on the UK retailer’s product page, but has since been pulled.

Call of Duty Ghosts PS3 Box Art

The box art itself paints an interesting picture: a yet unidentified character who appears to be pulling the same mask over his face as the one worn by Modern Warfare 2‘s iconic Ghost. Also visible is Infinity Ward‘s logo, showing that the Modern Warfare developer has returned for this latest installment.

It is already expected that Activision will officially announce the new Call of Duty title this May, keeping with a recent tradition of announcing a new installment in the series in May and then releasing it in November. While Tesco’s product page showed a placeholder date of December, Target pre-order advertisements have shown a release date of November 5th.

Call of Duty Ghosts PS3 Page Info

It seems the only major question that remains about this yet-unannounced title is who will be donning Ghost’s mask. It’s known in the series’ cannon that (*SPOILER ALERT*) Lieutenant Simon Riley is betrayed and murdered by General Shepherd near the end of Modern Warfare 2, so that means we’ll either see Riley return from the dead or an entirely new protagonist. Also interesting is the reported future setting, not unlike Black Ops 2.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a yet-unannounced addition to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise, which is expected to be announced by Activision on May 1st. Microsoft is also rumored to unveil the next-generation Xbox console at an event a few weeks later, which should make May a very exciting month for gaming enthusiasts.

Ranters, are your trigger fingers itching for a possible continuation of the Modern Warfare storyline? Would you rather see someone new take up Ghost’s mantle, or see the blatantly offed hero return from the dead in Call of Duty: Ghosts?

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Source: VideoGamer