'Call of Duty: Elite' Available Now On Xbox Live; UK 'MW3' Launch Party Live Stream Tonight

CoD Elite Now Available

Modern Warfare 3 may not release until tomorrow, but that hasn't stopped Activision from getting a head start and launching its Call of Duty: Elite service. That service is available now on Xbox Live and offers in-depth stat tracking for Black Ops and all future Call of Duty titles. There is no word yet on whether the PS3 or PC versions are available, but players can probably expect the former when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow evening.

Gamers can download the free version of Elite, which offers access to stats, class customization options, community features, HD video sharing, and dedicated apps for Xbox 360, PS3, iPhone, iPad and Android. If players opt for the premium version of the service, they will also receive all of Modern Warfare 3's DLC. Activision also offered the ability to pre-order Elite prior to launch, which granted players  access to Founder Status perks such as a new in-game title.

Call of Duty Elite will run $49.99 a year for the premium service, which is roughly the same price as a PlayStation Plus subscription, or ten dollars less than Xbox Live Gold. Those who pick up the Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition - which is pretty much sold out, we might add - will receive their first year of Call of Duty Elite for free. While the service may seem pricey, it's definitely worth it for those who plan to pick up all of the future DLC, as Elite will certainly save them some cash in the long run, especially considering how expensive Call of Duty's DLC is.


In addition to the release of Call of Duty Elite, Activision has announced plans to stream the UK Launch Party for Modern Warfare 3. The launch party sounds almost like a New Year's Celebration, as it will feature performances by a group called Example, tournaments and interviews with celebrities and Sledgehammer Games/Infinity Ward staff. If you don't live in the UK or won't be attending any of the other midnight releases, you can watch the launch on party on You Tube tonight.

What do you think of the Elite service? Will you be joining in, or do you think fifty dollars is a bit too much, especially with all of the other subscriptions and games available?

Modern Warfare 3 launches Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii and DS.


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Source: VG247, CVG

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