Join Call of Duty Elite in Preparation for 'Modern Warfare 3' DLC Tomorrow

Call of Duty Elite Join Up Trailer

On January 24th, the Call of Duty world or, more specifically, the Modern Warfare 3 world will be rocked with the release of the first Content Drop for the game. Content Drops, for those that might not be down with Infinity Ward's new lingo, are the DLC maps that will be released in a much more spaced out time frame — typically one a month.

To celebrate the first Content Drop, which will only be available to Call of Duty Elite Premium members, and will feature the maps Piazza and Liberation, Activision has released a new trailer prompting players to "Join up." Who players would join up with is obviously Call of Duty Elite Premium, which guarantees first dibs on the maps (unless your playing on the PS3) throughout the DLC's entire 9-month release season.

Much like the previous live action Modern Warfare 3 trailers, Activision has enlisted the help of choice comedic talent to sell their product. Like a pseudo-Patton, Rob Riggle walks gamers through all of the features that come pre-packaged in Elite, most of which are free of charge, from the stat-tracking to the heat maps. There are, of course, other features like clan customization and tournaments that are only available to Premium members, but those are small potatoes compared to a plethora of map packs.


While a trailer certainly might do the trick for some, the real test of whether or not gamers flock to Elite Premium will be when the maps officially go live tomorrow. Seeing all of your buddies playing maps you have no access to is always an incentive to pick up new maps, but now that there is a promised exclusivity involved, some might simply get them all in one swift purchase.

As was mentioned before the first Content Drop for Modern Warfare 3 hits the Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow, and will only be available to Call of Duty Elite Premium members.

Now that the first DLC is almost here, are you interested in joining Call of Duty Elite Premium? What would you like to see out of the next Content Drop?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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