Check Out Call of Duty Elite's Best Features in Flashy New Trailer

Call of Duty Elite Play Together Trailer

Now that Call of Duty Elite is working much better than it was at launch (at least for me), Activision thought it appropriate to release a trailer that sums up all that Elite can offer — sort of like a refresher. We’ve seen each of the facets of Call of Duty Elite — connect, compete, and improve — in more detailed trailer form, but those were more informative and less whiz bang.

This trailer, which centers around all of the activities gamers can get involved in with friends (clans, groups, competitions), is surrounded by intense moments of Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer.

It’s hard to even give Call of Duty Elite a serious look through, after having been burned by it so badly, and so recently. But after giving this trailer a watch, you might be itching to see what Beachhead Studios put together.


The only unfortunate thing about the trailer is that it spends a great deal of time focusing on the various ways gamers can experience Call of Duty Elite — on the console, on a PC (not for the PC version of MW3, mind you), or even with the new app — but only two of those three options are currently available. Activision and Infinity Ward did promise that Call of Duty Elite would be fully operational on the first of next month, so gamers should keep on the lookout for the Elite iPhone and Android app then.

It was a very ambitious undertaking on Beachhead Studios' part, to provide extensive stat-tracking and community services for one of this generation’s largest game franchises. Add on top of that the huge population of gamers who picked up Modern Warfare 3 within its first week of release, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Goodwill gestures have been made to those who did fork over cash for a premium membership, but those free players are still feeling like Elite is more of a gimmick than a real helpful tool. Hopefully that will all change soon.

Have you been able to log in to Call of Duty Elite and mess around with all of its features? Which do you think is the most useful or unique?

Modern Warfare 3 is available now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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