'Call of Duty Elite' Still Coming To PC; Console Founder Bonuses Rolling Out

Call of Duty Elite Still Coming To PC

Activision's fancy new stat tracking system, Call of Duty Elite, hasn't been having the easiest launch; the team at Beachhead Studios is struggling to keep up with the amount users trying to access the system. In the past couple of days, the possibility of Elite coming to PC was even called into question,  but luckily for keyboard and mouse loving Call of Duty Players, Activision can confirm that the service will launch eventually, though they do not have a time frame for when exactly players should expect it...

A tweet earlier this week on the official Call of Duty Elite Twitter account started the ruckus by stating that the PC version was unlikely to come to fruition, most likely due to Beachhead barely being capable to supply the millions of users trying to use the console versions. That statement was retracted by a later tweet saying that the team misspoke, and the PC version is still on the way, but they just don't know when yet.

With Modern Warfare 3's sales and all of the online traffic the game creates, it's hard to imagine that Elite wouldn't end up being so constrained, even if they forecasted the right number of active online users. Hopefully, Beachhead is able to get the console version up and running to its full potential soon so PC players can get their chance next to fiddle around with the surprisingly deep service.

"We misspoke. Our goal has always been to provide a free PC offering for ELITE. Stay tuned for an update as timing is still being determined."

As mentioned earlier, the console versions of Elite have also seen their fair share of issues and they still aren't operating as planned. The service has been set to intermittent since launch and those who subscribed to the premium package have yet to see their founder bonuses, that is, assuming they've even been able to sign up. Thankfully, Activision can confirm that these bonuses are rolling out now, and should have their way to all premium users in the past couple of hours. Those who do not see their the updates should contact Activision's customer support. One way to check is to head to - if you have signed up for the premium service you should see a green skull next to your name.

Updates for Elite are still on the way to deal with the age restriction issues, as well as to prep the service for the coming iOS and Android apps. Activision has also promised 30 free days of service to those who have signed up for a yearly Elite subscription due to these issues. As well, the eligibility for Founder status has been extended to the end of November, so if you want those titles and emblems now might be the chance to sign up, especially with the issues reportedly being resolved.

Call of Duty Elite is available now and free to all PS3 and 360 owners with a premium version also available.


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