Despite the amount of content it offers, there are still a few criticisms that can be levied at Call of Duty Elitesuch as Xbox 360 owners continuing to get content drops first. Enter Noob Tube, a brand new show coming exclusively to Elite users, that may just inspire its own set of complaints.

Noob Tube is an official clip show from Call of Duty Elite: TV, which makes what you’re about to watch just a tad more painful. The show is like America’s Funniest Home Videos, but for Call of Duty fans, as it features clips of impressive kill feeds and embarrassing moments.

Narrating the clips is comedian Andrew Santino, who some may recall from the MTV show Punk’d. The first episode of Noob Tube is up now, though full episodes are exclusive to Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers. The service currently has over 2 million members.

Call of Duty Elite Noob Tube Trailer

Chances are you’ve already watched the trailer at the top of the page before scrolling down here, in which case you already know what I’m going to say: the show isn’t that funny. Santino is unconvincing, and the writing is just atrocious. Jokes revolving around “dance parties” and butt cannon grenade launchers are clearly aimed at a specific demographic — one that isn’t remotely representative of all Call of Duty players.

This is problematic, as the show does little to alleviate the “immature twelve year old” stereotype that surround Call of Duty players. In fact, it’s made worse by Santino referring to viewers as “kiddies.” The whole thing is reminiscent of the Spike Video Game Awards, in that Noob Tube is trying to appeal to a certain type of gamer (in Spike’s case, it’s the “DudeBro” crowd) and completely alienating nearly everyone else. The show will probably find an audience, but it lacks any sort of widespread appeal. Much like the Spike VGA’s, it’s not hard to see Noob Tube becoming the butt of jokes among some gamers.

Even with my own resentments towards season pass-esque services, I’ll admit that Elite does offer plenty of value for hardcore Call of Duty players. That said, are premium Elite subscribers really pining for a clip show?  I suspect that most fans would probably prefer to see more in-game content, such as Face Off Mode, which brought an interesting twist to Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer.

Ranters, what do you think of Noob Tube? Is this the kind of content you want from your Call of Duty Elite premium subscription?

Noob Tube is available now on Call of Duty Elite: TV for premium subscribers.

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