Call of Duty Elite Mobile App Features Announced

As promised, the Call of Duty Elite app is now available on the iTunes Store, but what Beachhead Studio and Activision had failed to stress to Call of Duty fans is just what features would be available, and how the app looks on your mobile device. Thankfully they have released a handful of screenshots, and a few more tidbits of information concerning the Elite app. Of course, the app is free of charge, so if you really want to see what it’s all about, there’s no harm in downloading it.

All of the key bullet points, or at least the features that most Modern Warfare 3 players flocked to the Call of Duty Elite service for, are on display in the app -- from tracking your career, setting up custom classes, and looking at recent matches. Unfortunately, the community-based offerings from Elite, things like setting up clans and participating in tournaments or challenges (you can track challenges however).

But, Activision wants to stress that Elite, like any great stat-tracking service, is constantly evolving, meaning that new updates should be on the way once the app reaches a certain level of stability. One of the positive signs about this iOS launch as compared to Elite's initial launch is being able to sign in on the first try.

After fooling around with the app, I can say that it features a pretty slick design, and it delivers exactly what I would expect from a mobile version of Elite. If only this mobile app had launched sooner I think Elite would be just as huge as Modern Warfare 3.

Having to constantly switch between Elite and Modern Warfare 3 on the console, or having a PC close by, wasn’t the most convenient way to play and probably turned some people off to the idea. Still, Elite works extremely well, is fully featured, and being a premium Elite member entitles players to some exciting new content, nine months worth in fact.

Have you had a chance to check out the Call of Duty Elite app? What are thoughts on its form and function? What would you like to see added to it?


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