When a major publisher announces that they will be releasing a service that people can pay for but will not have to pay for, it’s not unexpected that there’s going to be some confusion. So naturally, when the first details about Call of Duty Elite were leaked yesterday, there were a lot of questions being asked about why Activision would charge for a service that at first glance other companies have been providing for free.

With the Elite service launching alongside Modern Warfare 3, some wonder why it isn’t just included with the game, with profits from the game’s sales covering the development costs of what appears to be a robust system. Well, Activision hopes that they can address these concerns with the content they provide, but what exactly is Call of Duty Elite going to be giving players access to?

Call of Duty Elite is split up into four sections. These are Career, Connect, Compete, and Improve. Each of these sections is further split up into several subsections which provide unique information and services to the user. Listed below are all the known details of each tab currently shown to be present in Call of Duty Elite.


The first thing players will notice is a career tab. The career tab doesn’t just track stats across one Call of Duty game, but rather every game linked to the Call of Duty Elite account in question. Unfortunately, the information here is platform specific, so if you game between two consoles don’t expect stats from both to be present. This tab is further split into Career Summary, Recent Matches, Custom Classes, Personal Bests, Leaderboard Tracker, Weapon Performance, and My Theater.

Career Summary

Players will be able to see a wide variety of statistics here that span the entirety of their Call of Duty gaming experience. Statistics present on the career page will cover a wide spectrum of data, from overall lifetime kills and deaths to how many Call of Duty dollars were earned on average per match. These stats are meant to give gamers a way to view all their achievements in a convenient and simple way. The new level calculator on the other hand, provides gamers with a way to estimate when they will complete their next prestige.

Call of Duty Elite Career

Recent Matches

Members will be able to take a look at their past matches and review the statistical data from them as well. How many times the player died, who they killed the most, who killed them the most, are just a few of the stats shown here. This is standard and undoubtedly something you’re familiar with from Black Ops and other games.

Each match page will feature an overhead view of the map in question populated with red and green dots. Presumably, green dots will mark the spot a player was when a kill was earned, and red dots will denote the spot a player was when they were killed. If a player dies consistently in one area, it will be easy to see that it’s a place to be avoided. A slider below the map will give players the opportunity to look at the timeline of their events in the match, perhaps giving them an idea of which paths have been the most successful for them.

Call of Duty Elite Recent Matches

Custom Classes

The custom presets that players set up for their game will be present here. If this system is to be fully integrated, it’s possible that gamers will be able to modify their classes from Call of Duty Elite.

Personal Bests

This tab will be a list of all the player’s best stats from the various matches that they play, likely similar to the Black Ops personal bests menu.

Leaderboard Tracker

Gamers will be able to compare their leaderboard stats against the stats of their friends and other players who they’ve chosen to track. Thanks to some new community features which will be covered below in Connect, there will be a big focus on community interaction, in an attempt to make Call of Duty Elite a social experience as well as a hub for the franchise.

Weapon Performance

It’s been said that Call of Duty Elite would feature a way for members to see which guns and perks they’ve been most successful with as well as which ones they have struggled with. This tab is likely the place that gamers will see what weapons they’re proficient with, which ones they could use practice with, and which ones they probably should just avoid using altogether.

My Theater

Where players can likely view and edit replays of matches and other videos. The distinction between My Theater and Theater in the Connect tab hasn’t been made yet.

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