'Call of Duty Elite' Trailer Talks Competitions and Prizes

Call of Duty Elite Compete Trailer

By its very nature Call of Duty is a competitive game. Players have been battling on the online servers for quite some time, but never have they experienced what Call of Duty Elite is trying to deliver with Modern Warfare 3.

Taking the idea of competition to the next level, Call of Duty Elite offers players the chance to earn prizes, both of an in-game nature and real life prizes, in daily tournaments and challenges.

That competition in Call of Duty Elite will be available to the player in the form of operations and events. Operations are your more stat-based challenges (score the most captures, get the most prone kills, etc…) and are not necessarily based on a player’s ability to win, but to complete a specific task on the road to winning.

But Call of Duty Elite doesn’t just allow a single player to earn these operations prizes; it also supports clans of up to 100 players. Clan support is also an important facet of the Elite experience, and one that will now have you working with your clan mates to do more than just win matches.

Events on the other hand are specific to a player’s ability to capture something truly incredible in the game’s theater mode. It can anything from a crazy kill to an embarrassing death, but all most be extremely entertaining. So, even if you are more of a flashy player, but one that never succeeds at getting a high kill to death ratio, prizes might still be coming your way.


It’s also important to mention that ‘Compete’ is just a small portion of Call of Duty Elite. On top of extensive competitive opportunities is the ability to pre-purchase DLC through the premium membership, or to simply chart your progression through the multiplayer ranks of Modern Warfare 3.

With the Call of Duty Elite beta having just come to a close it’s high time that Beachhead Studio begins fine-tuning the experience for Modern Warfare 3’s release early next month. With chances to earn prizes, and compete with your friends, Call of Duty Elite is definitely the ancillary experience gamers have been looking for.

Do you think the ‘Compete’ facet of Call of Duty Elite is for you? Which part of Call of Duty Elite are you most excited about checking out?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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