While most will look to Activision’s new stat-tracking and DLC service Call of Duty Elite as the one-stop-shop for all of a Modern Warfare 3 player’s needs, Activision is looking at it as the perfect way to prevent cheating. After Modern Warfare 2 was riddled with an abundance of glitches and exploits — like the always-annoying javelin glitch — Infinity Ward wants to make sure they have better monitoring tools in place.

Through Elite, much like players can review their match statistics, Infinity Ward will be able to review the activities of players who might be considered suspect. Looking at everything from experience boosting to advantageous glitches, these match recaps will become much more useful to the developers than players.

But it isn’t just Infinity Ward that will be able to weed out the cheaters in Call of Duty Elite, that responsibility can also rest with the player. By reporting a player in Elite, and now with some solid evidence to back a claim, players will be able to do much more than simply toggle a button next to a player’s name, labeling them a cheater.

According to Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward Creative Strategist and essentially the face of Modern Warfare 3, there’s a lot more work being put into stopping cheaters not only through Elite, but also looking at what are called “challenge responses.” Using a baseline comparison, Infinity Ward will be able to see if anything is off on the client side of the game, and, if so, will be able to serve out some sort of punishment.

Unfortunately, Bowling didn’t go into too much detail as to how the cheat/glitch prevention works — obviously in the interest of preserving its quality — but he feels that what IW is doing this time around trumps the services that were put in place with MW 2.

Yes there’s a wealth of other services Call of Duty Elite can offer to baseline and premium subscribers — weekly tournaments, extensive group offerings, and profile customization — so don’t feel like Infinity Ward and Activision created the service just to keep track of cheaters. Most likely, Call of Duty Elite will end up benefiting those honest players who are always down on Call of Duty for its prevalence of cheaters — always focused on attaining a ridiculous kill-to-death ratio.

How do you feel about Call of Duty Elite being used a way to track down cheaters? Would you pay for a service in a multiplayer that helps guarantee a purer experience?

Source: GameSpy