Despite some detractors of Call of Duty Elite claiming that the service would open the floodgates to other similar services being offered for a premium, it appears hopeful beta participants have turned out in droves to give Elite a spin.

According to an announcement by Activision’s social media head Dan Amrich, Call of Duty Elite beta sign ups have already crossed the 2 million mark. Though this might seem like enough of a talent pool to start a beta for Elite, Amrich says that the number pales in comparison to the 30 million active Call of Duty players.

In actuality, Amrich would like to see the number of sign ups continue to increase until Activision makes a decision as to where they want to cut off this behind-the-scenes preview of the service. This doesn’t necessarily mean that 2 million+ people are going to get in on the Elite beta, just that sign ups have not, at this time, closed.

As more news continues to reveal itself about Call of Duty Elite, and its mostly free offerings, Call of Duty fans’ interest in the service continues to increase. There is currently no word on how in-depth of an experience beta participants will receive, but we expect it to, at the very least, offer a wealth of stat tracking for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The beta itself begins on the 14th of July, so beta hopefuls who wrote Elite off before hearing more about the service should act now before the opportunity is gone. The real Call of Duty Elite experience will most likely kick off somewhere closer to the release of Modern Warfare 3 (November 8th) — giving Activision plenty of time to decide in which direction they want to take the service.

If it does many of the things gamers hope it will do, and doesn’t get too outlandish with its price points, Call of Duty Elite could be the start of a whole new sector of online gaming. Wouldn’t you be interested in helping direct that experience by participating in the beta?

Are you interested in participating in the Call of Duty Elite beta because you want to see if its for you, or because it is an early chance to get in on something you were going to participate in anyway? Share your hopes and thoughts for Call of Duty Elite in the comments below.

Source: One of Swords (via CVG)