With hardcore gamers everywhere anticipating exactly how Activision’s new Call of Duty Elite will or will not change the landscape of social gaming, a brand new trailer has been released to give further explanation. The Call of Duty Elite Beta kicked off today, but the launch trailer isn’t focused on trying to convince intimidated players from joining in on the fun. Instead, the developers are explaining why the new system is perfectly tailored for Call of Duty‘s most dedicated players.

If you’re one of the more than 2 million Beta registrants and have yet to receive your invitation, there’s no need to panic. With a player population as large as Call of Duty enjoys, the development team is going to need plenty of time to get the system’s kinks worked out and running smoothly.

Having just launched on Xbox Live today, the next few weeks will see waves of invites being sent out to continue to test the capability of the massive network. In the end the goal is to have Elite be as polished as possible by the time Modern Warfare 3 launches in November. To coincide with the Beta launch, a brand new trailer has been released to explain to fans of CoD why social gaming and a brand-exclusive online community offers something for everyone.

Still not convinced? Check out the launch trailer now:


Whether you’re big into metaphors or not, it’s hard to miss the fact that little is actually confirmed or explained in the trailer. Sure, the system will give you the ability to track your stats and weapon-specific performance, but nearly every online shooter has that these days. The ability to join or create clans is already popular among groups of friends and game communities, and has been one of the defining characteristics of competitive PC shooters for over a decade.

If there’s one thing that this trailer does manage to do, it’s offer a reason for seasoned console gamers to see Elite as something important. For those who have spent years honing their CoD skills to near-perfection, but never leaped into competitive tournaments, the reward for their work begins and ends on their console.

Now Call of Duty Elite could possibly change all that, providing a real competitive environment completely online, with potential rewards that extend beyond in-game credits or perks. Unfortunately, just how many of these features will be offered for free, and which will be exclusive to premium members is still unknown. Regardless of the price, online tournaments on consoles seems like a much better purchase than the still-unclear “entertainment programs created by top Hollywood talent.

But Activision doesn’t want people to think of Elite as only rewarding for the hardcore, since the refined matchmaking could help lower the barrier to entry for beginners. Aside from making the gameplay more inviting, the Elite service will let every type of fan access their own profile and preferences on the go:

“When it launches, Call of Duty Elite will offer fans an unrivaled experience by providing “always-on,” universal communication between the service and the game. Players will be able to access the service anywhere, anytime via mobile, tablet, web or inside the console game itself.  As they do, they will see how Call of Duty Elite brings their Call of Duty experience to life like never before.  Schedule a match with friends on the fly, change a weapon load-out or research a new gameplay strategy from your desk at work, the train ride home, or anywhere else, and have it ready and waiting for you in-game when you get home and play.”

We’re all in favor of getting the most for your money, but the fact remains: until we know just how much of this “unrivaled experience” will be made available without a subscription, it’s impossible to tell if Activision really is advancing the franchise, or just charging for additional content.

What do you think of the features being hyped by the minds behind Call of Duty? Have you already seen enough to convince you that Elite is worth an extra charge, or do you remain skeptical? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The Call of Duty Elite Beta launched today for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live.

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