Call of Duty Elite 2.0 Will Launch Alongside Next 'Call of Duty'

Call of Duty Elite 2 Launch Alongside Next Game

Much like Activision has become a creature of habit with their annual releases of Call of Duty, so does it appear that they will do the same with Call of Duty Elite. In an investor call today, where they also announced some sales and subscription numbers for the service, the publisher revealed they plan to roll out another version of Elite to ship alongside this year's Call of Duty.

While Call of Duty Elite may not have made the best impression after launching with a ton of problems, once the good stuff like DLC hit, players began to flock to the stat-tracking and community service's premium sector at a rate of 1 in 5. Considering the game was the biggest entertainment launch in history, it goes without saying that Activision would like to replicate that success.

It's hard to anoint the myriad community features and chances to win in-game prizes as the main source for Call of Duty Elite membership, but if Beachhead Studios can find a way to preserve what's already great about Elite, but make it more functional, that would be worth a second go around. It was only last month that the service's mobile app released — the key piece that made Elite worthwhile — so it's unclear just how useful the service can be when the game hits its biggest numbers around launch.

Unfortunately aside from this Elite 2.0 announcement, and more confirmation that a new Call of Duty — one that is rumored to be a follow-up to Black Ops — is on the way, Activision kept details to themselves. Call of Duty Elite 1.0, however, does have a planned update that will see the introduction of Clan Operations into the fray — a chance for clans to compete using Elite and win prizes. And, to leave things on a high note, Activision said they have more features planned for Elite set to roll out within the next 60 days.

What would you like to see out of Call of Duty Elite 2.0? Do you think Activision's approach, aside from the launch hiccups, is worth repeating?

Source: Shacknews

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