'Call of Duty' Will See the Largest Offering of Digital Content Ever in 2011

Get ready for CoD DLC in 2011

The video game industry has always been full of rumors and speculation. News of a new sequel or favorite character returning always seem to make the rounds in the industry. However, in the video game industry there seems to be one sure thing: Activision loves making money. Whether it is releasing countless Guitar Hero games or $15 Call of Duty map packs, Activision is in the business of making money.

Now that Guitar Hero sales have stalled and Tony Hawk Ride boxes still haunt retail shelves, it appears that Activision is focusing its money making efforts on their current flagship franchise Call of Duty. Better get ready for more map packs as the CoD franchise is promised to have the biggest offering of digital content ever next year.

Speaking during an investment call, Activision CEO of Publishing Eric Hirshberg revealed what Activision has planned for the Call of Duty series in 2001:

"We remain focused on continuing to bring the Call of Duty franchise to new consumers around the world. In 2011, we expect to enter the year with strong momentum from continued sales of Black Ops and the rest of the CoD catalogue. We've added significant resources to the brand and next year we'll offer Call of Duty community our largest line-up of exciting new digital content ever."

While Hirshberg didn't get into any details about what this digital content would be, it is not hard to guess. Despite the complaints that $15 was too pricey for a Modern Warfare 2 map pack, it didn't stop over 3 million people for purchasing them when they were released earlier this year. With Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops appearing to have updated multiplayer modes, zombies, and possibly other yet to be revealed features, it is easy to see the opportunity to have a lot of add-on content for the game.

This might not all be for Black Ops either. Could we see two console Call of Duty titles next year? Is it possible that the third person Call of Duty title coming from Sledgehammer Games comes out in the summer followed by Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 3 in November? Both of those games would be prime DLC targets for Activision if they both released in 2011.

So readers, what are you thoughts on this? Is Activision driving the franchise into the ground with too much content? Or are you looking forward to their arguably overpriced DLC?

Source: CVG

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