GR Pick [Video]: Black Ops Grenade Toss From Hell

Unluckiest Black Ops Grenade Toss

Grenades are one of my personal favorite weeapons in any shooter I play. Ever since the days of Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, I've been a huge fan of them and made it a point to practice their use in every shooter I get my hands on. I know I'm not alone in this, as my recent time with Homefront has shown me that grenade fights are still common-place.

My love for grenades is absolute. I've been known to avoid games that don't let you bake out your grenade before tossing it, citing a lack of realism and especially a hate for design that doesn't allow one of my favorite uses for the grenade, as a weapon that explodes on contact. In Call of Duty games, this isn't an issue.

When you're going to throw a grenade far you don't bake it out, after all, you want it to actually explode near another player and not in midair. Long shots are some of a grenade gamer's favorite and at the start of the match they can mean an early edge, as long as you actually toss the grenade to other side of the map.

In this GR Pick one Call of Duty: Black Ops player discovered the hard way that sometimes longshots can backfire, in what has to be one of the most amazingly unlucky grenade tosses ever. Watch the video below to see what I'm talking about.


Like a Santa from hell that grenade comes down the chimney with a present I'm sure this player will never forget. Who would've guessed that the chimney was even properly formed like that? Incredible work by Treyarch in one of the most loved maps for Black Ops definitely gives us a video we're not soon going to forget, and which should stand up against some of the incredible knife throw videos from the Modern Warfare 2 era.

Hopefully, this attention to detail will continue with Modern Warfare 3, the likely next-entry in the Call of Duty franchise so we can see more videos of people blowing themselves up with grenades they expected were going across the map.

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