'Call of Duty: Black Ops' Nuketown Map Has a Rolling Stones Easter Egg

Black Ops Nuketown Rolling Stones Secret

If players have spent much time on the multiplayer side of Call of Duty: Black Ops then chances are they have come across Nuketown, the mannequin filled facade just waiting to be annihilated. If gamers have played multiplayer for more than a couple hours then they've probably become pretty familiar with Nuketown.

We had already shown video of some of Nuketown’s many secrets, but one of them was left with a question mark behind it. The belief was that if a player were to eliminate the heads from every mannequin contained within the map under an uncertain time limit, that something special would happen. Up until now there was no indication as to what that treat was, but thankfully a very coordinated group of players was able to capture footage of the feat being pulled off. Check out the video to see what happens:


Yes, that’s mega rock band the Rolling Stones performing their hit “Sympathy for the Devil.” Already with musical ties to both trailers and singe player elements of the game, it’s only fitting that the Stones make one more appearance. Obviously, in order to hear the tunes for themselves players are going to have to be both precise and quick as there is an assumed time limit for the treat.

With so many hidden secrets, it’s not surprising that Nuketown would be the most popular map. Not only is it one of the most original Call of Duty maps to date, but it’s short and sweet. Matches can be over in a flash as players are usually spawning within close proximity of another. All of this aside, Nuketown is sure to also be many players least favorite map for one important reason. It isn’t that Nuketown is a bad map, it’s the fact that any time it appears in the voting categories it’s chosen. Even after just finishing a Nuketown match!

Rant aside, Nuketown shows just how meticulous Treyarch was when crafting the multiplayer experience. Modern Warfare to Modern Warfare 2 felt like a minute change but MW2 to Black Ops feels like a new game. All this talk of hidden secrets begs the question of what other secrets are hidden in the other maps? Get out there gamers are start searching.

Has anybody discovered any Easter Eggs hidden within the other maps? Which map currently sits as your personal favorite Black Ops map?

Call of Duty: Black Ops is available now for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source: Destructoid

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