'Call of Duty: Black Ops' Multiplayer Features Revealed, the Return of Prestige

Call of Duty Black Ops Review

With Call of Duty: Black Ops nearing its release date we thought we had a clear picture of all the experiences contained within the game, from the multiplayer to the single player. We thought wrong; Josh Olin, community manager at Treyarch, has posted an extensive rundown of technical features that gamers might not have known were included in the multiplayer.

As we mentioned previously, Black Ops will support split-screen online multiplayer. Similar to what you would find in Halo, one account can support themselves and one guest in the multiplayer experience. Or , if desired, two gamers with their own accounts will similarly be able to jump online and earn their own XP, COD points, and whatnot as if they were playing on separate consoles.

Black Ops will have its own custom game feature that is as customizable as you want it to be. The game maker can decide everything from the time limit down to the allowed perks or weapons allowing them to dictate how they want to experience their multiplayer. On top of that, if you create a custom game type that you or your friends enjoy it can be uploaded to the file share for easy access and download.

Two features that will be making their return are the in-game friends list and privacy in matchmaking. The friends list is now all encompassing, allowing gamers to view details like the combat record or the file share of their friends, all from the list. If gamers want to restrict who they play with online they have the ability to place themselves in a more local user base or widen the spread to include global players.

Finally, the 'Prestige' system is making its return in Black Ops. Once a player decides to Prestige, all aspects of completion will be reset including COD points, XP, challenge progression, and load outs. The only element that will not be reset is the new player customizable emblems.

Each of these features, while not entirely game changing like the Wager Match, are just little nuggets to what is shaping up to be one of the most complete multiplayer experiences on a console yet. Black Ops gives gamers the ability to make their experience as unique as they want it to be.

Which of these multiplayer tweaks gets you most excited for Black Ops? Custom games? The return of Prestige? Split-screen multiplayer?

Call of Duty: Black Ops ships November 9th for the PS3, PC, Xbox 360, and Wii.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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