Before we get to the long-awaited announcement of the next Call of Duty game, Activision is ensuring that they get the most out of Call of Duty: Black Ops before E3 and before the onslaught of this year’s fall video game release schedule.

The next set of Black Ops DLC releases May 3rd on the Xbox 360 and while we’ve already seen the Escalation multiplayer preview trailer, we now have a full-on trailer for the DLC which runs through the new maps and sees the return of a familiar face.

The four new standard multiplayer maps include Hotel, Zoo, Convoy and Stockpile, but the most exciting addition with the new DLC is the zombie map, Call of the Dead. Activision and Treyarch went all out with this particular map, bringing in Hollywood talents Danny Trejo (HeatMachete), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer), Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) to play the four characters players can choose from. To top it off, zombie genre legend George A. Romero, will also take part, playing one of the villains of the map!


The best part of this trailer? The return of the music and the burger joint character from the “There’s a Soldier in all of us” Black Ops trailer from last year. Outside of celebrity appearances by Jimmy Kimmel and Kobe Bryant, the chef of sorts was the most memorable character in the video, dual-wielding pistols as the background explodes behind him to close out the trailer.

[Update (Friday, April 29, 2011) – Got this awesome poster in the mail today]

Call of the Dead Poster

Activision knows how to make cool trailers, and everything showcased so far for the Black Ops Escalation DLC indicates that it’s the best map pack they’ve released to date and hence, the best value for its $15 asking price.

Black Op’s ‘Escalation’ map pack releases for the Xbox 360 on May 3, with availability on other consoles still unannounced.