PSN and Steam gamers hungry for more Call of Duty need wait no longer as Treyarch has revealed the release date for the latest map pack, Annihilation.  First released as a timed Xbox 360 exclusive, the map pack will release on July 28th for both PSN and Steam.

No price details were given but it’s highly likely the price will fall in line with previous DLC releases at a steep $14.99.  Also shown were details about the five maps included in the pack, though those already infatuated with the Call of Duty franchise probably know much about these new combat zones already.

Just in case, check out the details below:

Drive -In:  This is map takes the nostalgic feel of a drive-in movie theater and turns it into a chaotic multiplayer map.  Those who enjoy the fast paced action smaller maps, such as Black Ops signature Nuketown map will enjoy this one the most.

Hazard:  As if a complete juxtaposition to Drive-In, Hazard is a map more suited for those who prefer long range firefights.  The map features a large golf course, making it perfect for snipers to pick off those who venture too far into the open.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihiltion 2

Silo: Silo features more topography compared to Hazard and Drive-In.  This map is best for objective game modes, and features a multiple sniper towers for those who prefer sniping as their play-style.

Hangar 18: Hangar 18 is based off of the the actual military base located in Groom Lake (and not the Megadeth song).  This map features multiple buildings meaning the map will close quarters and mid-range combat.  The map is also said to play host to a number of easter eggs, though no details have been given,

Shangri-la:  Lastly, Treyarch has included a brand new Zombie map for fans to enjoy, this one taking place in a jungle filled with a multitude of traps that will not only help the player in warding off a hoard of zombies, but may also harm the player in return.  Treyarch also hinted at story hooks for those players that have payed attention to the Zombies story so far.

Annihilation launches July 28th for the PS3 and Steam, as always there will be a double XP weekend following the map pack’s release.  Will you be picking it up?  If so, perhaps you should check out our Black Ops Annihilation DLC review first.

Source: PlayStation Blog