Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Tag Der Toten Easter Egg Guide

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has finally brought the Aether story to an end with its latest Zombies map. Currently, it is only out via PS4 alongside the Operation Dark Divide update and is dubbed "Tag Der Toten," likely in honor of George Romero's Day of the Dead and a play on the very first Zombies map, Nacht Der Untoten.

In Tag Der Toten, players assume the Victis Zombie team consist of Samuel Stuhlinger, Malton Johnson, Russman, and Abigail "Misty" Briarton. This appearance in Black Ops 4 is the team's first appearance since Buried in Black Ops 2, with the map also being a more extensive remake of the Call of the Dead map.

Back in April, Black Ops 4 was still among the list of best-selling games of 2019 so far, and while this could have changed, it'll be interesting to see if these new map brings players back. After all, with the above facts, the fact that this is the 32nd map in the Aether storyline, and the actual end of the story, several players have been invested for years.

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How to Complete the Black Ops 4 Tag Der Toten Easter Egg

Step 1. Speak to the Hermit, get the Blue Rock (o:20)

Step 2. Start completing challenges for 2 Challenge Totems. Each has a easy, medium, and hard challenge that has to be completed. Black Ops 4 players should work on these while also completing the other challenges (0:40)

Step 3. Turn on 3 power switches across at the map. The first power switch is at spawn, so it can be done sooner. (3:15)

Step 3A. To turn on the final power switch, activate 2 Ziplines and acquire the Zipline handle. (3:35)

Step 4: Find two Keycards in the facility, then do a lockdown in the Security entrance to get Samantha's Music Box. (4:50)

Step 5: Craft the Dynamite Bombs (6:30)

Step 6: Complete the 4 Dials, then find the 3 offerings to the Apothicon blood. Subtitles are important for this step. (7:30)

Step 7: Find the Seal of Duality, which is hidden behind a picture, and knife that picture. Use the Dynamite Bombs to blow up the safe. (12:30)

Step 8: Return it the the Apothicon blood and prepare for a mini-boss fight. (13:45)

Step 9: Find 3 glowing orbs. Then, return to the Apothicon blood and do it again. Take the lantern. (14:20)

Step 10: Find the campfire, place the lantern there, then hit it with Samantha's Music Box. Pick the Lantern back up (15:15)

Step 11: Retrieve 2 Soapstones from the Hermit and place them near the lighthouse. After retrieving them, place them in the facility. One will need to be cooled. Then, grab the fuse. Place it in the Lighthouse station (15:50)

Step 12: Shoot the transformer with the Wunderwaffe. Kill 3 electric zombies in three different pylons. (17:00)

Step 13: Get the Elemental Shard and take it to the Apothicon Blood. Prepare for mini-boss fight. Then, chase the 3 orbs again. They will be in the same location. Repeat the Campfire process from before. (18:25)

Step 14: Lockdown the Hermit's area. Pack-a-Punch the Seal of Duality in the order that the lighthouse shines on them. (19:50)

Step 15: Return it to the Apothicon Blood and do another boss fight. Shoot the orbs again, but they do not have to be chased this time. Repeat the Campfire process. (21:25)

Step 16: Use the Golden Pack-a-Punch on the Agarthan Device. Follow the circle and survive. Return the device to the hermit to complete the Easter egg.(22:30)

The Final Cutscene for Tag Der Toten

For those interested in checking out the cutscene, we've added it here, but of course, watching it would spoil the end of the Easter egg for Black Ops 4 players. Before attempting this Easter egg or watching the below cutscene, it's also recommended that players complete other Black Ops 4 Easter eggs like Ancient Evil.

Black Ops 4's ending to this Zombies story is 11 years in the making, so the ending is incredibly fitting. Yet, for those who aren't quite done with the game, there's plenty of content to check out like Blackout, Black Ops 4's battle royale mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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