Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles DLC Detailed

zombies chronicles

More details have now been revealed for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombie DLC, Zombies Chronicles. The new information comes courtesy of Activision, which shared information about the maps, visual updates, special events, and bonus content that will be available with the new Black Ops 3 DLC.

In the blog post, Treyarch Studios’ Jason Blundell described the company’s vision for Zombies Chronicles, calling back 10 years of Call of Duty zombies history. As Blundell shared it, the new event will stand as a special opportunity for gamers to re-experience what makes Call of Duty zombies unique and fun. Blundell said:

Zombies Chronicles is really about the community that made Zombies what it has become today. Together, we’ve been slaying the undead for nearly ten years, across different game consoles, and Zombies Chronicles is really about bringing all of those fans together.”


The eight maps releasing for Zombies Chronicles will come from three Call of Duty titles: World at War, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2. Players will have an opportunity to experience Nacht der Untoten, the map that started it all in World at War, along with the other seven maps, all in current-gen quality HD.

Activision and Treyarch are also planning a special “8 Days of the Undead” event starting on May 16th, where Black Ops 3 players on all platforms will receive double XP, and PlayStation 4 gamers will earn double XP in Zombies Chronicles. As mentioned earlier, Zombies Chronicles will release first on PlayStation 4 on May 16th, and is expected to be followed later by PC and Xbox One. PlayStation 4 gamers will also have a shot at free loot, calling cards, weapon camos, new GobbleGums, and PlayStation 4 themes by completing community challenges during the event.

When it first kicked off nearly a decade ago, World at War zombies was one of the most intriguing topics on YouTube, and was undoubtedly influential in helping many YouTubers grow their Call of Duty-themed channels. It’ll be interesting to see how Zombies Chronicles fits into the mix, now that YouTube has made some dramatic changes to what videos can be monetized on the site.


A lot has happened in the gaming and online world in ten years, though one thing has seemingly remained constant: Call of Duty fans’ love of zombies.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles will be released on May 16, 2017 for PlayStation 4, and is expected to release at a later date for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Activision

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