'Black Ops 3' May Be This Year's 'Call of Duty'

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As we get closer to E3 and summer weather starts to show its face, many developers should be ready to start revealing their big plans for fall launches. We learned from the many delays of fall 2014 that nothing is set in stone, but it seems like a safe bet that Activision will have some variation of Call of Duty ready for holiday shoppers. Although the game hasn't been officially announced yet, a reputable source claims that gamers will be stepping away from Advanced Warfare and back into the Black Ops universe.

Five years have passed since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and the franchise has ventured into more futuristic settings since then. Despite steady sales, critics haven't loved the last few annual installments and the franchise is in need of a revitalization. Somewhere around 150,000 fans would like to see that renaissance come in the form of a Modern Warfare 2 remake, but digital games analyst SuperData has a more realistic sounding prediction.

The digital games research company that predicts Resident Evil 7 is on the way later this year also believes that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is right around the corner. The report didn't go into detail about the game, but did mention it as the next installment in the franchise...

"This month’s success sets the stage for the hotly anticipated fall release of Call of Duty Black Ops 3."

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The name drop came as a big surprise to fans of the franchise who have been eagerly awaiting any piece of information about the 2015 annual release. After the report started picking up coverage, the editors have added an update about the mention of the yet to be announced Call of Duty title. The afterthought also addresses excitement over Resident Evil 7.

"Re: Call of Duty Black Ops III, Activision’s CEO made an announcement in February that Treyarch would release a new installment in the CoD series. Since this is the same studio that developed Black Ops II in 2012, it stands to reason that he’s referring to Black Ops III."

"Re: Resident Evil 7, following the success of Resident Evil HD Remaster, we’re expecting more to come down the pipe this year, but have no information that points to the release of Resident Evil 7 specifically. That would be sweet, though."

Although SuperData is doing some backpedaling with their update, many optimistic fans of Resident Evil and Black Ops are still hoping that the company has some insider information that it is just not allowed to confirm at this point. So far, neither Capcom nor Activision have officially announced the games or commented on SuperData's report.

Whether SuperData is correct or not, there are definitely some big mysteries about the 2015 holiday season releases. We expect lots of announcements to arrive early this summer, but if the delays are anything like last year, it may be slim picking once again come this fall.

Do you think it's a safe assumption that Black Ops 3 is on the way later this year? What about Resident Evil 7? Let us know in the comments.

Source: SuperData

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