‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Supremacy DLC Pack Trailer, Release Date, & Surprise Guest

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There’s just no stopping Call of Duty. After all, despite the franchise experiencing a slowdown in sales when compared to earlier entries, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was still the best-selling game of 2014.

Any game that sells as well as Advanced Warfare is expected to receive extensive post-launch support in this day and age, and AW is no different. Sledgehammer has been hard at work at supporting the game post-launch with updates and DLC packs, with the first two being Havoc (which brought back zombies to the Call of Duty franchise for the first time since Black Ops 2) and Ascendance.

Now the third DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has a name, a release date, and a trailer. Known as Supremacy, this latest COD DLC pack will be available on June 2nd for Xbox gamers, bringing with it four new multiplayer maps, a new Exo Zombies level, and an appearance from a surprising new guest star.

The four multiplayer maps are built around a central theme of iconic landmarks. The first is Compound, a map set in the gorgeous Colorado wilderness inside an Atlas training facility. There’s also the Kremlin map, which is based on the Russian presidential palace of the same name. The third map is called Parliament, and it is set on a military cargo ship docked on the River Thames.

The fourth map is actually a remake of one of the most popular maps in Call of Duty history. Fans of Modern Warfare 2 in particular should be excited, as the map Highrise is returning in Advanced Warfare. Now known as Skyrise, the map is set atop an Atlas skyscraper, with the Acropolis from Athens, Greece visible in the distance. All four of these new multiplayer maps will support the Exo Grapple multiplayer mode, which was introduced in the previous DLC pack.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Highrise

Highrise as it appeared in Modern Warfare 2

While new multiplayer maps are always nice, the main draw of these Advanced Warfare DLC packs will likely be the new Exo Zombies levels that they offer. From the looks of the trailer, the new Exo Zombies map being added in Supremacy, called Carrier, is bringing with it a significant amount of new additions to the core Exo Zombies gameplay.

A new perk is being added for the first time since Exo Zombies was introduced to the game. Called Explosive Touch, it allows players to simply walk through zombies, causing the undead creatures to be destroyed on impact. The Carrier Exo Zombies map is also adding new objectives, such as bombs that need to be defused, along with a new trap in the form of a small vehicle that grinds the undead up with its gears. If all that wasn’t enough, a brand new laser weapon called the Limbo is being added as well.

The Carrier Exo Zombies map will also include new zombie types, though none of have been shown yet. In addition, new enemies in the form of Atlas Strike Teams will join the fray, meaning that for the first time in the history of Zombies, players will have more to battle with than just the undead. To help against these new threats, Sentinel support squads can be called in, though how all of this will work remains a mystery at this time.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC Pack Trailer & Release Date - Bruce Campbell

Oh, and the guest star mentioned earlier? None other than Bruce Campbell, known for his own zombie-slaying ways in the Evil Dead franchise and for being the king of B-movies. Campbell joins the existing celebrity-filled Exo Zombies cast of Bill Paxton, John Malkovich, Jon Bernthal, and Rose McGowan. Currently, it’s not clear if Campbell is just a character in the Exo Zombies story, or if he will actually be playable in the DLC.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s Supremacy DLC will be available on June 2nd, first on Xbox 360 and Xbox One for $14.99. It will likely release for PC, PS3, and PS4 about a month or so later, at some point in July.