'Call of Duty 4' PS3 Hack Causing Game To Freeze At Start Up

Call of Duty 4 Game Start Up Hack

It's been known for some time now that the PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty 4 is suffering from a wave of hackers, but never has it been this bad. Apparently, a new hack is forcing the game to freeze at start up, essentially rendering PS3 copies of Call of Duty 4 useless.

According to those suffering from the supposed hack, when Call of Duty 4 starts up the game's logo appears with text saying "yes" and "no," essentially forcing players to press the 'X' button to confirm. Upon confirmation the game freezes and stops working.

Yahoo! Answers users have suggested that a temporary fix is it to turn off your router and then boot up the game, though if one plans to play the multiplayer component of the title the steps are slightly more elaborate, and require keeping the router off until you reach the game's multiplayer menu.

Here's the hack in action. Skip ahead to the 45 second mark if you don't want to spend three quarters of a minute watching someone's PS3 turn on.


Activison has yet to comment on whether or not this is a hack, but assuming it is, hacking of this nature is just disgusting. People spent money on this game and aren't able to enjoy it because someone else is getting kicks out of causing the game to stop working.

I've seen other hacks in the PS3 version of Call of Duty 4 recently, such as some that increase speed or level you up in a matter of seconds, but at least all players have to do in that case is back out of the lobby and find another game. In this case the game is rendered near useless unless PS3 owners follow elaborate steps, and even that is not guaranteed to solve the problem for good.

Infinity Ward has taken steps against Modern Warfare 3 cheaters, so let's hope they'll do the same in this case.

Ranters, have you been affected by this, or any other, Call of Duty 4 hacks? Let us know in the comments below.


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Source: VG247, Yahoo! Answers

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