Video game critic Jim Sterling posts a retailer listing on Twitter that suggests that the next entry in the long-running Call of Duty series will be revealed next week.

In life, there are three constants:  death, taxes, and a new Call of Duty game releasing every year. This has been true since 2005 at least, and the upcoming Call of Duty 2016 is set to continue the trend. Even so, we have yet to see anything concrete on the game, but all that could change next Tuesday, May 3rd, if a retailer form leaked by video game critic Jim Sterling is any indication.

Sterling took to Twitter to leak a form from an unknown retailer, which suggests that a reveal trailer for Call of Duty 2016 is coming on May 3rd. Since we saw the first Call of Duty: Black Ops III trailer around this time last year, it wouldn’t be surprising if that is indeed the case.

However, the form could turn out to be a fake. After all, it misspells the word “reveal,” which could be a red flag that it is not authentic. The rest of the document looks convincing though, displaying advertisements for current games like Overwatch, Battleborn, and Star Fox Zero, but until Activision says something, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

The next Call of Duty will apparently get unveiled by next Tuesday. Getting listed in retailers at any rate.— Jim Sterling (@JimSterling) April 26, 2016

It would be nice for Call of Duty franchise fans if this form turns out to be accurate. There have been many rumors about the new Call of Duty in the past few months, and fans may be anxious to learn which rumors are true, and which ones are false.

For example, the rumor that Call of Duty 2016 will be set in space is one that many fans would probably want to be fake. The last few entries in the Call of Duty series have had future or near-future settings, abandoning the realistic roots of the franchise for science-fiction elements. Some are anxious to see the series revisit a historical setting like World War II, or at least sport another entry set in the Modern Warfare timeline.

Speaking of Modern Warfare, there’s also a rumor making the rounds that Call of Duty 2016 will have the first two Modern Warfare games as a pre-order bonus on Xbox One. It would be weird for those two games to be paired with Call of Duty 2016 if the game doesn’t have a similar setting or story, so perhaps there isn’t any truth to the Call of Duty in space rumor after all.

Again, we’ll have to wait for an official reveal by Activision to know the truth one way or another. So hopefully the retailer listing leaked by Jim Sterling is accurate, as it would be nice to substantiate or disprove some of the rumors surrounding the game. Here’s hoping that by this time next week, fans will know of Call of Duty 2016‘s setting, its name, and whether or not it has any connection to the Modern Warfare titles.

Call of Duty 2016 is in development for unspecified consoles, with a release expected for later this year.

Source: Jim Sterling