After it was unofficially revealed that the next Call of Duty will be unveiled next week, the PlayStation Store accidentally leaks what appears to be the name of the new Call of Duty game.

Very recently, video game critic Jim Stirling tweeted a retailer listing that suggested that the upcoming Call of Duty 2016 game will be revealed next Tuesday. But if a new – and accidental – leak on the PlayStation Store is anything to go by, Jim may have got his timing off just a little bit, and fans won’t need to wait a week to see what the new Call of Duty will be called.

Thanks to eagle-eyed Reddit user Goontmyfries, the PlayStation Store put up a listing for a new Call of Duty game titled Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. However, selecting the name will only lead to a blank page, suggesting that this was an accidental leak or error of some sort. We can verify that within the hour of this leak, the Infinite Warfare listing has since been taken down from the PlayStation Store. Activision have yet to issue a response to the Infinite Warfare name or the leak.

Other than revealing that Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward are working on the upcoming Call of Duty title, Activision has been silent on all matters regarding the series. But with a number of rumors that have been floating around recently, the leaked Infinite Warfare title does give some insight into what fans can expect.


Just a few weeks ago, there was some speculation that Call of Duty 2016 will be set in the “very far future” and will feature space combat. While those rumors remain unconfirmed, the Infinite Warfare subtitle does suggest that the next Call of Duty will feature a more futuristic setting. Given the lukewarm response to Infinity Ward’s previous effort, Call of Duty: Ghosts, it makes sense that the development team would rather start with a clean slate than go back to the Ghosts storyline.

It remains to be seen whether Infinite Warfare is the official title for the upcoming Call of Duty, but expect to hear something soon as Activision typically announces its new Call of Duty game around the April/May period every year. For now, we’re just hoping that Infinity Ward has brought a fresh approach to the long-running franchise and ticked off a few things on our Call of Duty 2016 wishlist.

Call of Duty 2016 is currently in development and is expected to launch later this year. We’ll keep you posted on any new announcements and reveals regarding the game.

Source: PlayStation Store