Call of Duty Elite iOS App Available Tomorrow; Android Version Next Week

Call of Duty Elite Mobile App Tomorrow

Even though Beachhead Studios was able to get the Call of Duty Elite service running like it was intended there was still an important, promised part of the package that they had yet to deliver: a mobile app. As it turns out, though, that mobile app is finally on the way, and it's coming very soon.

In fact, the iOS version of Call of Duty Elite is set to release tomorrow on the app store. Android users, unfortunately, will have to wait until a yet undetermined date next week to get their version of the app, but it’s still coming.

Visiting the Elite service on the console or the PC is a passable experience, but on the console especially it requires leaving a game just to view. But with the app on a mobile phone that would allow for simultaneous stat-tracking and stat-making without any hindrance being weighed upon the other.

Call of Duty Elite might have hit a few stumbling blocks out of the gate, but now that it’s up and running in all of its stat-tracking glory it’s actually a pretty useful tool. And now with this iOS and then Android app in place it will allow gamers to immerse themselves in Modern Warfare 3 even when they aren’t at their console or PC.

There are, however, a few features that the Elite app will be unable to offer, like the premium video content starring celebrities like Will Arnett and Jason Bateman, but that’s really not what most go to Elite for anyway.

As Modern Warfare 3 continues to dominate the online gaming community one has to imagine that this Elite app will grow in demand, perhaps even unseating App store juggernauts like Angry Birds in the process (granted Angry Birds is a paid app and Elite is not). The Elite mobile app for iOS will be available on the app store tomorrow with an Android version set to release some time next week.

Are you chomping at the bit to get your hands on the Call of Duty Elite app for iOS and Android? Has the appeal of Elite worn off now that Modern Warfare 3 is a few months old?

Source: Shacknews

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