We all know that Black Ops is the next addition to the Call of Duty franchise, but what about the newly formed Respawn Entertainment?  They have the rights to games in the Call of Duty/Modern Warfare franchise from the present to the future (which is why Treyarch has been making games based in World War II and now the Vietnam era).  We here at Game Rant think, and hope, that the next game will feature space warfare.

That’s right, SPAAAAACE.

This is mostly because Respawn (when they were Infinity Ward proper) has already made fantastic games in the past and present.  All that’s left is the future, and everyone knows that the future means outer space.

So, with that idea, I would like to propose to you what I think would make for an awesome bunch of killstreak rewards if this game ever comes to pass.  We’ll start off from the bottom and work our way on up to the dreaded 25-kill reward.

4 Kills — Enhanced Perception

Enhanced Perception Call of Duty Space Warfare KillstreakMaybe the goggles would look something like this

This reward takes one more kill than the standard UAV, but is a tad more useful.  Activate the reward, and for a brief period of time you will have supernatural visual and auditory perception.  The goggles let the user see enemies through nearby walls and can hear even the faintest of enemy footsteps around them.

5 Kills — Assault Rover

Assault Rover Call of Duty Space Warfare KillstreakLike WALL-E…but with chain guns

Sentry guns are boring.  Why, you ask?  Well, to move them, you must pick them up yourself, which can be quite risky at times.  This reward is slightly influenced by the attack dogs in World at War, but should be less rage inducing.  The rover would roam around the battlefield for a period of time, gunning down enemy players.  It can be destroyed like the sentry gun with a knife to the back, or temporarily disabled by stun grenades and flashbangs.

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