Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Exploit Gives Players Unfair Advantage in Ground War

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is no stranger to bugs and glitches. The last month alone saw a number of updates that created as many glitches and problems as they solved. And now, another glitch has been discovered in the game mode Ground War, and players are using it to cheat with devastating results.

For context, the goal of Ground War dictates that players capture as many points across the hosting map as possible. Once they have them, they have to hold control over them, and the longer they do, the more points their team receives.

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This new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare glitch makes it impossible to perform this goal for the Tavorsk District's Capture Point E. A user named Elgoomtaf posted footage of the glitch in action to Reddit yesterday to raise awareness of it.

The glitch allows those who exploit it to exist within the structure of the map itself and kill unsuspecting players. Elgoomtaf's video shows him dying to players hiding both under the map and in the walls around Capture Point E. While hidden like this, these players could not be detected or killed, making it so that once they secured Point E, it could not be liberated.

Other Reddit users have commented on the post to report that this glitch also appears near Point D of Tavorsk District, albeit to less severity. In Point D's case, the user must remain prone, lest they pop back out into the open. Elgoomtaf has tagged Infinity Ward staff members Ashton Williams and Joe Cecot to try and direct their attention to the post (the two are known for interacting with the Call of Duty community through Reddit). As of this writing, however, neither of them have responded or acknowledged their awareness of the issue. Elgoomtaf also showed off the gamer tags of the cheaters using this glitch so the rest of the community could be wary of them.

The Season 1 content update for Modern Warfare launches tomorrow. Considering how recently this new glitch came to light, however, the new update probably won't patch it, making Tavorsk District yet another map that Modern Warfare fans have issues with. The Season 1 content update will add a new Ground War map, though, so maybe that will act as some consolation until Infinity Ward can get around to patching this latest bug.

Call 0f Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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