The 10 Best Weapons For Spec Ops In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

This year's entry into the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare, hits almost all of its marks. The only place where it really fumbled the ball was in the Cooperative offerings. Survival mode is all well and good, but as of now only PS4 owners can enjoy it. The Spec Ops missions, on the other hand, are currently chock full of bugs and glitches. While these can be remedied with updates, the levels themselves leave much to be desired. Enemies spawn seemingly out of nowhere and players quickly become overwhelmed. Hopefully, Infinity Ward makes some major tweaks to the balancing in the near future.

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In the meantime, some will still want to power their way through this mode for the sake of completion. The following list will detail the ten best guns to bring along to get the job done. Enemies have a lot of health and are plentiful in number, so one is going to need a powerful yet varied arsenal in order to beat the levels. At the end of the day, it'll take a four-person team working together efficiently to even stand a chance.

10 AX-50

Modern Warfare ax-50 sniper rifle

This sniper rifle is a guaranteed one hit kill. Thankfully, the levels are all huge open areas, meaning one can hang back with this bad boy and pick off bad guys from a distance. Mobility may be an issue, but when far back enough, enemies aren't likely to get the drop on a player. If one wants to be really secure, however, they can always equip the Overkill perk and take another primary weapon with them.

9 725

725 modern warfare

This one is incredibly powerful at close range, and probably the bane of many opponents' existences in the competitive multiplayer. In Spec Ops, however, the whole team will be thankful if at least one person has this equipped. In close quarters, enemies can down a player in a couple of seconds. Having this gun at the ready will prevent an ambush from turning into a game over. With the right attachments equipped, aiming and reloading can be done in the blink of an eye, rendering its minuscule magazine size irrelevant.


Modern warfare 2019 PKM light machine gun

Light machine guns are a must. Certain objects require players to stay put and defend a position while the opponents mount an assault from all sides. In these situations, having a heavy-duty machine gun with a high magazine capacity feels like a gift from heaven.

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The only drawback is the painfully long reload times, but it is worth it for the ability to lay waste to a small squad in a matter of seconds. With the right coordination between friends, teammates can cover each other while they take turns reloading.

7 Semtex Grenades

Modern Warfare 2019 semtex grenade

Frag grenades are all fine and dandy, but they take too long to detonate and require cooking if one wants an explosion to happen upon contact. Semtex not only sticks to walls, but it has a short timer. Just be careful not to accidentally throw it too close, because there is little time to get out of harm's way if that happens. It also comes in handy during competitive play.

6 M4A1

Modern Warfare 2019 M4AI

This all-purpose bad boy works in almost any situation. It is powerful enough to kill fast in close quarters, but also has the range for long-distance shooting. While it is one of the first weapons one acquires in multiplayer, the right attachments keep it a force to be reckoned with until the very end. For this mode, don't be afraid to equip a grenade launcher to it when enemies group up. Ignore anyone who dubs the attachment a "noob tube." They're just upset you ruined their kill streak.

5 AK-47

Modern Warfare AK-47

In competitive play, the recoil makes the AK-47 unwieldy. Against computers, however, this popular weapon is a lifesaver. The gun is most likely familiar to everyone who plays this game — it is one of most popular assault rifles in the world, after all — but don't ignore it just because it is recognizable.

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It's devastatingly powerful. Who knows, maybe after acclimating to the recoil in Spec Ops, it could become a good tool in the other multiplayer modes.

4 Stun Grenades

Modern Warfare 2019 Stun grenades

When inside, stun grenades are a soldier's best friends. Players lose count of how often it saved their skin during a Search and Destroy match. In Spec Ops it is arguably more pragmatic, as enemies aren't likely to blind fire and get off a lucky kill, which tends to transpire in the player versus player portions. Like all good weapons, using stun grenades against somebody feels great, but having them used against you is a tragedy.

3 Dragunov

Modern warfare killcam dragunov

Because of the sheer number of enemies swarming the team, the Dragunov is a more useful tool here than in competitive play. Enemies tend to stay still, so hitting them twice is rarely a problem if the first shot lands.

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With its increased movement over other sniper rifles, people stand a fighting chance with it at close and medium distances. The Dragunov is also a cool-looking weapon with a nice wood finish, so sniping in style is always something to take into consideration. It was also Naked Snake's sniper of choice in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, so one can live out their Big Boss fantasy while also making a worthy contribution to the team.

2 Uzi

Modern Warfare 2019 Uzi

Of all the submachine guns, this is probably the most reliable. At close range, the Uzi can obliterate most targets at a short burst. As long as the first few bullets hit, one won't have to continuously fire and feel like Cartman when he decorates a house with bullets after losing control of the recoil. While one cannot play head games with a computer-controlled enemy, one likes to imagine them scoffing at the small size, only to cower in fear after feeling its true power.

1 RPG-7

Modern warfare 2019 RPG-7

This one not only helps in Spec Ops, but it comes in handy during survival mode as well. Whenever helicopters come to drop troops, whip this out and take it down before enemies have the chance to rappel from the rope. If they are already on the ground, use it to quickly dispatch groups crowded together. It cannot skid on the ground like in Grant Theft Auto, but it is still a great tool to have in battle.

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