Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

The entire Call of Duty franchise is renowned for its active, addicting and invigorating multiplayer gameplay. While the new Rezurrection Map Pack may hold off hungry gamers in Black Ops for a little bit longer, it’s almost time forĀ Modern Warfare 3 to begin the assault for online dominance.

Finally, Activision have given us a taste of what the multiplayer will be like – in the form of an intense, gameplay-centric trailer, whether you subscribe to Call of Duty: Elite or not!

You’ll find new perks and weapons galore in the video, which spans through a few maps as hectic battle takes place and bullets seem to come from every direction. Some of the new perks featured in the trailer include ‘Extreme Conditioning,’ ‘Stalker,’ ‘Assassin,’ and ‘Quickdraw.’ Though they may just be renamed versions of previously existing perks, it’s not hard to imagine things like Quickdraw allowing people to cycle through guns at a faster speed, which could come in quite handy in tight situations.

The trailer jumps around battlefields and game modes like they’re going out of style, so make sure you don’t look away or you may end up missing something awesome.

Without further ado, here’s the Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer trailer:


The video shows off some great footage of typical class builds for the roles of Assault and Support, each of which were showcased throughout the trailer. The assault soldier got things off to a bang by calling in an AH6, which proceeds to reveal that there’s going to be a lot of breakable glassworks on some maps – bullets riddled the area dry as soldiers went down. Dogtag collectibles appeared over their heads – an enticing reward for approaching a fresh kill.

The bouncing betty almost made a nice appearance, launching off the ground and exploding right next to a rather unfortunate soldier. Given the shady color and subtle detailing of the mine, it’s likely to rack up several kills on the unwary. Throwing knives returns, an appropriate variation of the now-infamous tomahawk from Black Ops which, while difficult to angle correctly, always results in some of the most satisfying kills – and the most aggravating deaths. Speaking of such, there’s now a decoy drop, which will explode on would-be supply drop thieves. Finally, some karma!

It looks like, with all the new central class themes and perks for unlocking, those who play in organized teams are set to reap the benefits – as they use specialty bonuses in unison.

What do you think of theĀ Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer? Will you be joining the ranks online?

We’re certainly excited to take the fight online in Modern Warfare 3, which is set for a November 8th worldwide release on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS and PC (including recently announced Steamworks Support!)