'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' Security Patch Coming March 8

Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Security Patch

Hacking has become a familiar theme in the games industry of late, with Sony's ongoing war with the now infamous GeoHot hitting national headlines. One of the games most disrupted by such hacking on the PS3 is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Infinity Ward stated that they were taking on PS3 hackers back in January, and today announced via their Twitter page that a patch will be released on March 8 for the PlayStation 3, hopefully bringing some order back to the online experience of the game.

Infinity Ward's Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, has openly blamed Sony for the problems blighting not just Modern Warfare, but the PS3 in general. Activision, in fact, considered shutting down the Black Ops PS3 servers. This hasn't stopped the guys over at Infinity Ward from working hard to patch the issues that were still causing interruption to online play, even after Sony released PS3 Firmware 3.56 to supposedly put an end to such problems.

Interestingly, the patch will also be released for PC and Xbox 360, which leads us to believe that PS3 gamers aren't the only ones having issues with the game. The release dates for the PC and Xbox patches are yet to be confirmed, but fear not, they won't be too far behind.

Furthermore, the patch aims to put an end to an environmental glitch on the map Fuel, which came as part of the Resurgence map pack. The glitch allowed players to get inside of a rock and rack up kills without being hurt. This has been around since days after the launch of the maps, so it's nice that it will finally be fixed. Here's what Infinity Ward had to say on their forum:

"In addition to the security updates, this patch will also address a small geo exploit on the map Fuel, which players exploited in order to get inside a rock on the outskirts of the map"

So, it seems both the console manufacturers and game studios are making moves to get the upper hand over the hackers, and it's about time. Some gamers only buy titles for the online play, and it seems crazy that some suggested that Activision would launch a subscription-based Call of Duty not so long ago, with the service as fragile as it is.

Will the patch for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 encourage you to pick up your rifles once more? Or is it too little, too late? Let us know in the comments below.

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