'Modern Warfare 2' Remake Petition Hits 150,000 Signature Goal

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A couple days ago we shared news of a petition from asking Activision and Infinity Ward to remake Modern Warfare 2 for current-gen consoles. One avid fan of the game made an impassioned plea to his fellow gamers to sign the petition, which he would then send to Activision once it reached 150,000 signatures.

We can now report that the petition has reached its goal, and while 150,000 signatures may not seem like much, considering Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sold millions of copies since it launched in November, it's definitely enough to get some attention.

The Call of Duty games have struggled with sales over the last few years, so perhaps a reboot of one of the most popular franchise entries will help give the series a boost. No better time for a reboot than when sales are dropping by over 20 percent with each new game.

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Those sales numbers must be alarming to Activision, even though Advanced Warfare was the top selling game of 2014. Many gamers considered the low sales of Call of Duty: Ghosts a fluke and one that would be corrected when Advanced Warfare hit shelves. When that didn't happen, many gamers started doubting the future of the franchise.

Despite those challenges, though, it's ulikely Activision will remake Modern Warfare 2 either way. For as much as fans (at least 150,000) would like to see that happen, there's too much opposition to it happening. With three companies currently working on Call of Duty games, we're sure Activision has the next few years – or even the next decade – of games mapped out and in the queue. Each game takes at least two or three years to develop, so we don't anticipate Infinity Ward will stop current projects to focus on remaking a past game.

Activision could potentially hand over the remake to a smaller team and let Infinity Ward and the other big developers continue focusing on their projects, though. At this point, Modern Warfare 2 really only needs a visual update and some tweaks to the mechanics before it's ready for re-release. Unfortunately, doing this would cause other problems for Activision, including disrupting their current yearly release schedule and potentially impacting sales of the newer games and Call of Duty DLC packs.

So, at this point, we don't think Activision will remake the game, even with such strong support. But we will definitely keep our fingers crossed!

Do you think Activision will remake Modern Warfare 2? Share your reasoning in the comments.


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