Using mods and the modding tools from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a fan reinterprets the prologue scene from Mirror’s Edge into a Call of Duty deathrun map.

With the delayed Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst finally arriving this year, it won’t be long until players can take control of Faith Connors once more, and indulge in some more roof-top free-running. As there’s only two months to go before the May release date for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, a modder has decided to get their virtual roof-top parkour fix early by rebuilding a level from the original Mirror’s Edge.

Using the game engine, modding tools, and a death run mod for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, YouTuber SuX Lolz :] has made a spectacular death run reinterpretation of the prologue sequence from Mirror’s Edge. While some of the very fine details were understandably missing, SuX Lolz managed to capture the prologue level’s palette and city lines perfectly. But minor quibbles aside, what makes this fan-made map doubly impressive is that it was built using dated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare FPS tools that were never designed to make an expansive free-running game.

This massive project went live only recently, but SuX Lolz isn’t done tinkering with Mirror’s Edge or with Call of Duty‘s modding tools. SuX Lolz plans to add a number of secrets to his Mirror’s Edge prologue, and when the modding tools for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is released this year, the modder is contemplating on updating his work using the Black Ops 3 modding toolkit.

For those wanting to see SuX Lolz’s Mirror’s Edge recreation, check it out here.

Mirror’s Edge is undoubtedly still a gorgeous game, and it’s not hard to see why modders enjoy recreating the game’s levels. Just a couple of months ago, a fan faithfully recreated Mirror’s Edge‘s first level using the modding tools in Dying Light. Of course, this is far from the first time that incredible reinterpretations of video games were built by modders.

Recently, some Fallout fans have managed to build an incredible recreation of the original Fallout game using the Fallout New Vegas modding tools. Not to be outdone, news came out a couple of months ago that group of Minecraft players are attempting to recreate Grand Theft Auto V into Minecraft‘s trademark cubed world. After the recent reveal of the trailer for Mirror’s Edge: Catalystthe upcoming game is looking like another visual marvel, something which is bound to please the modder community out there.

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Source: YouTube (via PCGamer)