Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy vs Deluxe Deals

Which has the best deal? Which to buy? We break down the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy and Deluxe Edition deals.

Update 11/4: COD Legacy Edition sold out at GMG, but the coupon code making 20% off still in effect for the Deluxe Edition. See below.

With all the Titanfall and Battlefield shooters flooding the market this Fall, we have another joining the fray with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfarereleasing on Friday, November 4th.

If you're a hardcore Call of Duty fan, you already have or are planning on picking up the game for Day 1 action. And if you were going to, you obviously have to consider the more expensive "Legacy" or "Deluxe" editions of the game, because they're the only way to get a hold of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. The question at hand is which edition is the better choice?

The Legacy Edition for Infinite Warfare gets you the base game plus Modern Warfare Remastered for eighty bucks in list price. That's your cheapest entry into for Modern Warfare nostalgia, and its essentially like getting two "new" Call of Duty games. The Deluxe Edition is very similar, except it's a $100 purchase and includes the Infinite Warfare Season Pass. Before we go further, let's throw a wrench in these pricing as there are discounts and bonuses to consider which may sway your buying decision now that these list prices are thrown out of the window.

Update: There is now a new coupon code further reducing Infinite Warfare on Steam by an additional 6%.

Infinite Warfare Deluxe Edition Deals

Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition Deals

The best deal for the Legacy Edition is on PC, where if you pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition (Steam key), you get a 15% discount - dropping the price down to $84.99. For five bucks more than the Legacy Edition list price, you'll get the Infinite Warfare Season Pass with this deal. If you had planned to spend $80 anyway, $5 more makes this Deluxe deal worthwhile.

We've talked mostly about PC deals because the discounts seem to have the biggest impact on the Legacy vs. Deluxe decision, but we should also mention gift card rewards for the console versions of the game. The Microsoft Store is tacking on a bonus $10 Gift Card if you pre-order the Xbox One Standard Edition of Infinite Warfare - but strangely their online store catalog doesn't have the Deluxe or Legacy. Conversely, you can go through Best Buy and get $10 in Rewards points to your "My Best Buy Rewards" account. That's essentially a $10 Gift Card for future purchases at Best Buy and it works on most editions of the game (deal not available for Xbox One Deluxe at Best Buy).

In addition to $10 in Rewards, buying at Best Buy gives you the option to save 20%, but this deal will require you to be a paid member to their Gamer's Club Unlocked program. It'll cost you $30 for a 2-year membership, but if you add it to cart along with either the Legacy or Standard Editions at Best Buy you'll get 20% off instantly and partly pay for that $30 membership through the immediate savings - plus you get 20% off future new video game purchases. This is probably the best way to pick up the Legacy Edition on the console.

The Final Choice

We think the pickings are simple if you're a PC gamer. Grab the Legacy Edition and enjoy both titles for $68.

On the console side of things, deciding between Legacy vs Deluxe really boils down to the person's interest in Infinite Warfare and the Season Pass DLC. If you're not sure about the Season Pass content (rightly so), then we'd suggest skipping out on the Deluxe. If you're on PC and the $85 discounted Deluxe Steam copy entices you - well, it sure beats paying full price.

At the end of the day, whether you pick Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy or Deluxe Edition is up to you. The easiest path? Wait till release date and see how each edition fares under the review.

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