Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Guide - How to Craft Weapons in Zombies in Spaceland

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The Zombies in Spaceland mode in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has four different Wonder Weapons for players to craft. Here's where to find all the parts.

As has been tradition for Zombies maps, Zombies in Spaceland in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare features powerful Wonder Weapons that players can unlock to help turn the tide against the undead hordes. Past maps let players simply collect these remarkable weapons rom the mystery box, but in Zombies in Spaceland, players have to craft the Wonder Weapons, which is no easy task.

To craft a Wonder Weapon - or "Weapon of Rock" - in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, players have to find all the necessary parts, and then deliver the parts to the correct cardboard cut-out in the park. There are a couple of different achievements/trophies tied to crafting the Wonder Weapons in Infinite Warfare, and here's how to craft them all.

Before attempting to craft weapons, players will need to unlock the pack-a-punch room. It's also smart to acquire the Juggernog equivalent in Infinite Warfare, the perk called Tuff Enuff.

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1. Dischord

One of the most entertaining Wonder Weapons is the Dischord, which causes zombies to dance before they explode. The first step is to take one red, one blue, and one green coin to a souvenir machine and get the disco ball. While killing zombies to collect coins, players should be on the lookout for a pair of glasses that can be equipped to see the world in black and white.

Perhaps inspired by the 80s cult classic film They Live, the glasses players can collect in Zombies in Spaceland allow them to see invisible objects in the environment. Walk around the entire theme park with the glasses equipped to locate five hidden targets that spawn at random. Shoot all five targets to be gifted with a battery.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Guide - How to Craft Weapons in Zombies in Spaceland - Dischord

Now visit the pack-a-punch room, activate all the UFOs, and then go to the Astrocade and purchase Golden Teeth for 300 tickets, as well as an Arcane Core for the same price. Remember that the quickest way to earn tickets in Zombies in Spaceland is by completing N3IL's challenges, so take some time to complete those for extra tickets if necessary.

The Arcane Core is used to collect energy from the UFOs activated earlier. For this particular weapon, we need poison energy, so head to the disco trap in the Astrocade. Kill zombies there using the trap, then follow the UFO around the map killing more zombies until the UFO transforms into poison energy. Collect the poison energy in the Arcane Core and attach it to a weapon.

Head to the crocodile trap in the Kepler System and lure an alien brute to it. Activate the trap to crush the brute and destroy some of the trap's teeth. Replace the broken teeth with the golden teeth, and then shoot the machine that appears in the back of the trap with a gun that has poison energy. This will reveal a green stone, which is the final item needed to craft the Dischord Wonder Weapon. Visit the lower level of the Astrocade to find the cardboard cut-out and craft the weapon.

2. Face Melter

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Guide - How to Craft Weapons in Zombies in Spaceland - Face Melter

Out of the four Wonder Weapons in Infinite Warfare, the Face Melter is one of the most difficult to craft. Players need to insert three blue coins into the Journey into Space souvenir machine to obtain the first part, a piece of a rocket ship. They then need to go to the teleportation portal that is also located in the Journey into Space area of the map.

Switch on the portal, then throw a frag grenade into it. The grenade will be tossed back out, glowing red. Now just keep picking up the grenade, throwing it on the ground, picking it back up, and then throwing it on the ground again all the way back to the Cosmic Way teleporter. Upon reaching the portal, throw the grenade into it to receive the battery.

The next step is collecting the lightning energy. Fuel the UFO near the Star Mission trap by killing zombies with the trap, and then killing zombies near the UFO when it departs. Collect the energy in the Arcane Core, and use it to shoot the machine at the crocodile trap. Collect the blue stone, and then deliver it to the cut-out in the Journey into Space area.

3. Headcutter

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Guide - How to Craft Weapons in Zombies in Spaceland - Headcutter

To get the Yeti doll part, deposit three green coins in a souvenir machine. Next purchase cyro-grenades for 350 tickets from the Astrocade. Go to Polar Peak, to the large Yeti robot. Throw cyro-grenades at the Yeti to make it spew ice breath, and lure zombies into the ice breath to kill them. Once enough zombies have been killed, head to the Polar Peak gift shop to collect the battery from a smaller Yeti statue.

Now head to the roller coaster trap and kill zombies with it to power the UFO. Follow the UFO around, feeding it zombie souls, which should be routine at this point. Once enough zombies have been killed, collect the ice energy with the Arcane Core. Return to the machine in the crocodile trap, shoot it to get the yellow stone, and then deliver the stone to the cardboard cut-out located in the Polar Peak gift shop.

4. Shredder

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Guide - How to Craft Weapons in Zombies in Spaceland - Shredder

The general consensus seems to be that the Shredder weapon is the easiest of the four weapons to craft, so it's the one players should focus on when trying to complete the Easter Egg. Even though the Shredder is considered the easiest of the weapons to craft, though, it's still no walk in the park.

First, take three red coins to a souvenir machine anywhere in the park to get the first part. Then kill zombies until the glasses drop (assuming you don't have them already), and equip them to spot the invisible boat between the Kepler System and Polar Peak. Shoot the battery off the back of the boat, and then locate the water fountain where the battery washes up.

From there, visit the crocodile trap in the Kepler System. We now have to collect a red stone from the machine, but we need fire energy in an Arcane Core (300 tickets). To obtain fire energy for a weapon, kill zombies around the Chromosphere trap in the Kepler System, then follow the UFO around and fuel it by killing zombies near it. Return to the machine, shoot it, collect the stone, and go to the cut-out that's in the sci-fi theme park's underground tunnel system.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Zombies in Spaceland Easter Egg Guide - Infinite Warfare Astrocade zombie

Knowing where all of the parts are to craft the Wonder Weapons in Zombies in Spaceland is only half the battle. Players will also have to be skilled enough to survive the undead masses while they're trying to build all of the Wonder Weapons. However, once one Wonder Weapon has been crafted, the Zombies in Spaceland experience does become quite a bit easier, so it shouldn't be such an uphill battle after acquiring the first one.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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