‘Call of Duty: Ghosts – Nemesis’ DLC Trailer Prepares Fans for the End

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The time has finally come for Call of Duty fans to close the book on one chapter, in this case the chapter on Ghosts, and move onto the next. Yes, the final DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts is only a few days away from release (on Xbox platforms), signaling the end of one game’s promotional tour and putting even more attention on the next.

Titled Nemesis, this final DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts puts it all out on the table. It includes the usual four multiplayer map selection and one final Extinction campaign episode, all of which you can check out in the trailer above.

As far as multiplayer is concerned, Nemesis looks to be packing a unique selection of maps. There are three completely new maps and one re-skin of a fan-favorite.

Dynasty takes players to a quaint, seaside Chinese village complete with serene mountains and calming guardians. However, once players descend upon Dynasty’s battlefield all hell will break loose, especially if they unlock the map’s field order — a VTOL jet air strike.

Call of Duty Ghosts Nemesis DLC Trailer

Subzero, as readers might have guessed, is set on an icy cold submarine base and research facility. It’s a medium sized map with a three-lane design whose field order, while unknown, is apparently devastating.

Gold Rush features an abandoned goldmine in California filled with long tunnels and mine shafts and a series of mining carts for fast travel. And players are recommended to keep an eye out for the maps field order: a pack of bloodthirsty wolves.

And finally there is Showtime, which is a re-skin of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map Shipment. Some will recognize Shipment as one of the smallest maps in Call of Duty history, an incredibly fast-paced environment where death lurked around every corner. Showtime takes that same layout and re-skins it with a futuristic look, but rest assured this map looks to be just as frenetic as the original.

For those who don’t enjoy the multiplayer maps of Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ Nemesis pack, there is also Exodus — the final episode in the humans vs. aliens campaign. After the events of the last episode, Awakening, the group is on the run and looking for safety. However, as the team of four tries to make their daring escape, they will have to once again face new Cryptid threats.

Although we had hoped to see at least one more ’80s horror movie tie-in from the Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC selection, the Nemesis pack looks like a fine addition to the game. Four markedly different maps and a climactic last chapter for Extinction — what more could gamers want?

What do you think of the Nemesis DLC pack? Which maps are you most interested to play?

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Nemesis releases August 5, 2014 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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