Call of Duty: ELITE has brought some interesting new features to Modern Warfare 3, and after the release of the service’s mobile app, Beachhead Studio is hard at work on bringing ELITE to tablets. Don’t expect it to be a simple port of the mobile version.

Information on the Call of Duty: ELITE tablet app is sparse, but Beachhead’s Noah Heller promises it will be customized to fit the tablet experience. Heller wouldn’t specify what this means, but we hope it will give a sneak peak into the features of ELITE 2.0, which will launch alongside the unconfirmed Black Ops 2.

One proposed feature for the tablet app is live heat maps — a feature that’s present in the console versions of ELITE, and allows players to see high activity spots on Modern Warfare 3‘s maps. Says Heller, “I can’t say anything about that.”

“We’re working on a tablet application right now. I can’t tell you that much about it, but I can tell you it’s a totally, customised app for the tablet, not a simple port. The whole website is built in HTML5, so you can go to that on a tablet, and it will look fine. But to make the apps on a tablet, it was about making the most of that real-estate and that landscape.”

For premium subscribers, the ELITE mobile app is very useful. It’s really impressive being able to change custom classes on your phone, and then have the changes be present once you turn on your console. However, there are still a few flaws with it, at least in my experience with the Android version. It’ll be interesting to see if the tablet app will be able to surpass the console version in terms of features and options.

Maybe once Beachhead finishes work on the tablet app, they can start work on the PC version of ELITE. PC owners are without the service, which is a shame as it does add to the experience, especially for those willing to pay fifty dollars for the premium service –though it would certainly be worth more if PC and PS3 owners didn’t get content late. That frustrating situation will hopefully change, seeing as Microsoft’s exclusivity contract with Activision ends this year.

Ranters, do you have any interest in a Call of Duty: ELITE tablet app?

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Source: Guardian UK